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No person shall be entitled to the lien given by RCW 60.44.010 unless such person:
(1) In any effort to enforce the lien, either attempts to enforce the lien on his or her own behalf or designates a collection agency licensed under chapter 19.16 RCW to collect on his or her behalf;
(2) Discloses the person's use of liens under this chapter as part of the person's billing and collection practices; and
(3) Within twenty days after the date of such injury or receipt of transportation or care, or, if settlement has not been accomplished and payment made to such injured person, then at any time before such settlement and payment, files for record with the county auditor of the county in which said service was performed, a notice of claim stating the name and address of the person claiming the lien and whether such person claims as a practitioner, physician, nurse, ambulance service, or hospital, the name and address of the patient and place of domicile or residence, the time when and place where the alleged fault or negligence of the tort-feasor occurred, and the nature of the injury if any, the name and address of the tort-feasor, if same or any thereof are known, which claim shall be subscribed by the claimant and verified before a person authorized to administer oaths.
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