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Liens authorized.

Every operator, whether private or public, of an ambulance service or of a hospital, and every duly licensed nurse, practitioner, physician, and surgeon rendering service, or transportation and care, for any person who has received a traumatic injury and which is rendered by reason thereof shall have a lien upon any claim, right of action, and/or money to which such person is entitled against any tort-feasor and/or insurer of such tort-feasor for the value of such service, together with costs and such reasonable attorney's fees as the court may allow, incurred in enforcing such lien: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That nothing in this chapter shall apply to any claim, right of action, or money accruing under the workers' compensation act of the state of Washington, and: PROVIDED, FURTHER, That all the said liens for service rendered to any one person as a result of any one accident or event shall not exceed twenty-five percent of the amount of an award, verdict, report, decision, decree, judgment, or settlement.


IntentSeverability1987 c 185: See notes following RCW 51.12.130.
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