Chapter 48.19 RCW



48.19.010Scope of chapter.
48.19.020Rate standard.
48.19.030Making of ratesCriteria.
48.19.035Making of ratesDefinitionsPersonal insuranceUse of credit history or insurance scoresRules.
48.19.040Filing requiredContentsDefinition.
48.19.043Forms of commercial property casualty policiesLegislative intentIssuance prior to filingDisapproval by commissionerDefinition.
48.19.050Filings by rating bureau.
48.19.060FilingsReview, waiting period, disapproval.
48.19.070Special filings.
48.19.080Waiver of filing.
48.19.090Excess rates on specific risks.
48.19.100Disapproval of filing.
48.19.110Disapproval of special filing.
48.19.120Subsequent disapproval.
48.19.140Rating organizationsDiscrimination"Subscriber" defined.
48.19.150Subscribership not required.
48.19.160Rating organization license.
48.19.170Application for license.
48.19.180Issuance of license.
48.19.190Suspension or revocation of license.
48.19.200Notice of changes.
48.19.210SubscribersRights, limitations.
48.19.220Review of rules and refusal to admit insurers.
48.19.230Subscriber committees.
48.19.240Rules cannot affect dividends.
48.19.250Cooperative activities.
48.19.260Technical services.
48.19.290Appeal from rating organization's action.
48.19.300Service to insureds.
48.19.310Complaints of insureds.
48.19.320Advisory organizationsDefinition.
48.19.330Requisites of advisory organization.
48.19.340Desist orders.
48.19.350Disqualification of data.
48.19.360Joint underwriting or joint reinsurance.
48.19.370Recording and reporting of loss and expense experience.
48.19.380Exchange of information.
48.19.390False or misleading information.
48.19.400Assigned risks.
48.19.410Examination of contracts.
48.19.420Rate agreements.
48.19.460Automobile insurancePremium reductions for older insureds completing accident prevention course.
48.19.470Automobile insurancePremium reductions for persons eligible under RCW 48.19.460.
48.19.480Automobile insuranceCompletion of accident prevention course, certificate.
48.19.490Automobile insuranceContinued eligibility for discount.
48.19.500Motor vehicle insuranceSeat belts, etc.
48.19.501Motor vehicle insuranceAnti-theft devicesLightsMultiple vehicles.
48.19.530Property insurersAssistance to prevent or reduce severity of claims or lossesImpact on rates.
48.19.540Fire alarms and smoke detection devicesImpact on dwelling unit insurance ratesReport to legislature.


Anti-compact law: RCW 48.30.020.
Discrimination prohibited: RCW 48.18.480.
Rate wars prohibited: RCW 48.30.240.