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Service of summons by publicationWhen authorized.

When the defendant cannot be found within the state, and upon the filing of an affidavit of the plaintiff, his or her agent, or attorney, with the clerk of the court, stating that he or she believes that the defendant is not a resident of the state, or cannot be found therein, and that he or she has deposited a copy of the summons (substantially in the form prescribed in RCW 4.28.110) and complaint in the post office, directed to the defendant at his or her place of residence, unless it is stated in the affidavit that such residence is not known to the affiant, and stating the existence of one of the cases hereinafter specified, the service may be made by publication of the summons, by the plaintiff or his or her attorney in any of the following cases:
(1) When the defendant is a foreign corporation, and has property within the state;
(2) When the defendant, being a resident of this state, has departed therefrom with intent to defraud his or her creditors, or to avoid the service of a summons, or keeps himself or herself concealed therein with like intent;
(3) When the defendant is not a resident of the state, but has property therein and the court has jurisdiction of the subject of the action;
(4) When the action is for (a) establishment or modification of a parenting plan or residential schedule; or (b) dissolution of marriage, legal separation, or declaration of invalidity, in the cases prescribed by law;
(5) When the action is for nonparental custody under *chapter 26.10 RCW and the child is in the physical custody of the petitioner;
(6) When the subject of the action is real or personal property in this state, and the defendant has or claims a lien or interest, actual or contingent, therein, or the relief demanded consists wholly, or partly, in excluding the defendant from any interest or lien therein;
(7) When the action is to foreclose, satisfy, or redeem from a mortgage, or to enforce a lien of any kind on real estate in the county where the action is brought, or satisfy or redeem from the same;
(8) When the action is against any corporation, whether private or municipal, organized under the laws of the state, and the proper officers on whom to make service do not exist or cannot be found;
(9) When the action is brought under RCW 4.08.160 and 4.08.170 to determine conflicting claims to property in this state.


*Reviser's note: Chapter 26.10 RCW, with the exception of RCW 26.10.115, was repealed by 2020 c 312 § 905. RCW 26.10.115 was repealed by 2021 c 215 § 170, effective July 1, 2022.
Court Congestion Reduction Act of 1981PurposeSeverability1981 c 331: See notes following RCW 2.32.070.
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