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Service on corporation without officer in state upon whom process can be served.

Whenever any corporation, created by the laws of this state, or late territory of Washington, does not have an officer in this state upon whom legal service of process can be made, an action or proceeding against the corporation may be commenced in any county where the cause of action may arise, or the corporation may have property, and service may be made upon the corporation by depositing a copy of the summons, writ, or other process, in the office of the secretary of state, which shall be taken, deemed and treated as personal service on the corporation: PROVIDED, A copy of the summons, writ, or other process, shall be deposited in the post office, postage paid, directed to the secretary or other proper officer of the corporation, at the place where the main business of the corporation is transacted, when the place of business is known to the plaintiff, and be published at least once a week for six weeks in a newspaper of general circulation at the seat of government of this state, before the service shall be deemed perfect.
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