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Ordinances granting franchisesRequisites.

No ordinance or resolution granting any franchise for any purpose shall be passed by the city council on the day of its introduction, nor for five days thereafter, nor at any other than a regular meeting nor without first being submitted to the city attorney.
No franchise or valuable privilege shall be granted unless by the vote of at least five members of the city council.
The city council may require a bond in a reasonable amount for any person or corporation obtaining a franchise from the city conditioned for the faithful performance of the conditions and terms of the franchise and providing a recovery on the bond in case of failure to perform the terms and conditions of franchise.
[ 1965 c 7 s 35.24.250. Prior: (i) 1915 c 184 s 12, part; 1893 c 70 s 4; 1890 p 182 s 116; RRS s 9125, part. (ii) 1907 c 228 s 1, part; RRS s 9199, part. Formerly RCW 35.24.250.]
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