Chapter 35.23 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.23.010Rights, powers, and privilegesExchange of park purpose property.
HTMLPDF 35.23.021City officers enumeratedCompensationAppointment and removal.
HTMLPDF 35.23.031Eligibility to hold elective office.
HTMLPDF 35.23.051ElectionsTerms of officePositions and wards.
HTMLPDF 35.23.081Oath and bond of officers.
HTMLPDF 35.23.091Compensation of officersExpensesNonstate pensions.
HTMLPDF 35.23.101Vacancies.
HTMLPDF 35.23.111City attorneyDuties.
HTMLPDF 35.23.121City clerkDutiesDeputies.
HTMLPDF 35.23.131City treasurerDuties.
HTMLPDF 35.23.134Association of sheriffs and police chiefs.
HTMLPDF 35.23.141Duty of officers collecting moneys.
HTMLPDF 35.23.142Combination of offices of treasurer with clerkAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 35.23.144Combination of offices of treasurer with clerkPowers of clerk.
HTMLPDF 35.23.146Combination of offices of treasurer with clerkPowers of treasurer.
HTMLPDF 35.23.148Combination of offices of treasurer with clerkOrdinanceTermination of combined offices.
HTMLPDF 35.23.161Chief of police and police department.
HTMLPDF 35.23.170Park commissioners.
HTMLPDF 35.23.181City councilOathMeetings.
HTMLPDF 35.23.191City councilMayor pro tempore.
HTMLPDF 35.23.201City councilMeetingsJournal.
HTMLPDF 35.23.211OrdinancesStyleRequisitesVeto.
HTMLPDF 35.23.221OrdinancesPublicationSummaryPublic notice of hearings and meeting agendas.
HTMLPDF 35.23.251Ordinances granting franchisesRequisites.
HTMLPDF 35.23.261Audit and allowance of demands against city.
HTMLPDF 35.23.270City councilQuorumRulesJournal, etc.
HTMLPDF 35.23.290City councilEntry of ayes and noes on journal.
HTMLPDF 35.23.311Eminent domain.
HTMLPDF 35.23.325Payment of claims and obligations by warrant or check.
HTMLPDF 35.23.330Limitation on allowance of claims, warrants, etc.
HTMLPDF 35.23.331Nuisances.
HTMLPDF 35.23.351Application of RCW 35.23.352 to certain agreements relating to water pollution control, solid waste handling facilities.
HTMLPDF 35.23.352Public worksContractsBidsSmall works rosterPurchasing requirements, recycled or reused materials or products.
HTMLPDF 35.23.371TaxationStreet poll tax.
HTMLPDF 35.23.380Exclusive franchises prohibited.
HTMLPDF 35.23.410Leasing of street ends on waterfront.
HTMLPDF 35.23.420Notice of lease to be published before execution.
HTMLPDF 35.23.430Railroads in streets to be assessed for street improvement.
HTMLPDF 35.23.440Specific powers enumerated.
HTMLPDF 35.23.442City and town license fees and taxes on financial institutions.
HTMLPDF 35.23.443City license fees or taxes on certain business activities to be at a single uniform rate.
HTMLPDF 35.23.444Nonpolluting power generation by individualExemption from regulationAuthorization to contract with utility.
HTMLPDF 35.23.445Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityCreation by irrigation districts and cities, towns, or public utility districts.
HTMLPDF 35.23.452Additional powersAcquisition, control, and disposition of property.
HTMLPDF 35.23.454Additional powersParking meter revenue for revenue bonds.
HTMLPDF 35.23.455Additional powersConstruction and operation of boat harbors, marinas, docks, etc.
HTMLPDF 35.23.456Additional powersAmbulances and first aid equipment.
HTMLPDF 35.23.457Conveyance or lease of space above real property or structures or improvements.
HTMLPDF 35.23.460Employees' group insuranceFalse arrest insurance.
HTMLPDF 35.23.470Publicity fund.
HTMLPDF 35.23.480Publicity board.
HTMLPDF 35.23.490Limitations on use of publicity fund.
HTMLPDF 35.23.505Local improvement guaranty fundInvestment in city's own guaranteed bonds.
HTMLPDF 35.23.515UtilitiesCity may contract for service or construct own facilities.
HTMLPDF 35.23.525UtilitiesMethod of acquisitionBonds.
HTMLPDF 35.23.535UtilitiesMaintenance and operationRates.
HTMLPDF 35.23.545Procedure to attack consolidation or annexation of territory.
HTMLPDF 35.23.555Criminal code repeals by city operating municipal courtAgreement covering costs of handling resulting criminal casesArbitration.
HTMLPDF 35.23.560WaterworksConstruction by city or by district assessments.
HTMLPDF 35.23.570WaterworksPlansSpecial assessments.
HTMLPDF 35.23.580WaterworksProcedureBonds.
HTMLPDF 35.23.680Cities of ten thousand or more may frame charter without changing classification.
HTMLPDF 35.23.705Purchase of electric power and energy from joint operating agency.
HTMLPDF 35.23.800Code city retaining former second-class city planElective officers.
HTMLPDF 35.23.805Code city retaining former second-class city planElectionsTerms of office.
HTMLPDF 35.23.810Code city retaining former second-class city planMayorGeneral duties.
HTMLPDF 35.23.815Code city retaining former second-class city planAppointive officers.
HTMLPDF 35.23.820Code city retaining former second-class city planHealth officer.
HTMLPDF 35.23.825Code city retaining former second-class city planStreet commissioner.
HTMLPDF 35.23.830Code city retaining former second-class city planAppointment of officersConfirmation.
HTMLPDF 35.23.835Code city retaining former second-class city planOath and bond of officers.
HTMLPDF 35.23.840Code city retaining former second-class city planCity councilHow constituted.
HTMLPDF 35.23.845Code city retaining former second-class city planCity councilPresiding officerVoting rights.
HTMLPDF 35.23.850Code city retaining former second-class city planWardsDivision of city into.
HTMLPDF 35.23.860Telecommunications services and facilities authorizedRequirements.


Accident claims against: RCW 35.31.040, 35.31.050.
Actions against
public corporations: RCW 4.08.120.
state: Chapter 4.92 RCW.
Actions by in corporate name: RCW 4.08.110.
Advancement in classification: RCW 35.06.010.
for municipal purposes: RCW 35.13.180.
of federal areas: RCW 35.13.190 through 35.13.210.
Classification as: RCW 35.01.020.
Code of ethics for public officers and employees: Chapters 42.23 and 42.52 RCW.
Eminent domain by cities, construction of chapter as to second-class cities: RCW 8.12.560.
Inhabitants at time of organization: RCW 35.01.020.
Judgment against local governmental entity, enforcement: RCW 6.17.080.
Limitations on indebtedness: State Constitution Art. 7 s 2 (Amendments 55, 59), Art. 8 s 6 (Amendment 27), chapter 39.36 RCW, RCW 84.52.050.
Lost and found property: Chapter 63.21 RCW.
Lowlands, local improvement: Chapters 35.55, 35.56 RCW.
Municipal utilities: Chapter 35.92 RCW.
Municipal water and sewer facilities act: Chapter 35.91 RCW.
Officers, salaries of, not to be changed during term: State Constitution Art. 11 s 8 (Amendment 57).
Organization under general laws required: State Constitution Art. 11 s 10 (Amendment 40).
Parking, off-street facilities: Chapter 35.86 RCW.
Sanitary fills: Chapter 35.73 RCW.
Service of summons on, personal service: RCW 4.28.080.
Sidewalks, construction and reconstruction, generally: Chapter 35.69 RCW.
Streets and alleys, grades at higher elevation, drainage impracticable on private abutting land, effect: Chapter 35.73 RCW.
Unclaimed property in hands of city police: Chapter 63.32 RCW.