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Expanded learning opportunities council. (Expires August 31, 2019.)

(1) The expanded learning opportunities council is established to advise the governor, the legislature, and the superintendent of public instruction regarding a comprehensive expanded learning opportunities system, with particular attention paid to solutions to summer learning loss.
(2) The council shall provide a vision, guidance, assistance, and advice related to potential improvement and expansion of summer learning opportunities, school year calendar modifications that will help reduce summer learning loss, increasing partnerships between schools and community-based organizations to deliver expanded learning opportunities, and other current or proposed programs and initiatives across the spectrum of early elementary through secondary education that could contribute to a statewide system of expanded learning opportunities.
(3) The council shall identify fiscal, resource, and partnership opportunities; coordinate policy development; set quality standards; promote evidence-based strategies; and develop a comprehensive action plan designed to implement expanded learning opportunities, address summer learning loss, provide academic supports, build strong partnerships between schools and community-based organizations, and track performance of expanded learning opportunities in closing the opportunity gap.
(4) When making recommendations regarding evidence-based strategies, the council shall consider the best practices on the state menus developed in accordance with RCW 28A.165.035 and 28A.655.235.
(5) The superintendent of public instruction shall convene the expanded learning opportunities council. The members of the council must have experience with expanded learning opportunities and include groups and agencies representing diverse student interests and geographical locations across the state. Other participants, agencies, organizations, or individuals may be invited to participate in the council, but the membership shall include the following:
(a) Three representatives from nonprofit community-based organizations;
(b) One representative from regional workforce development councils;
(c) One representative from each of the following organizations or agencies:
(i) The Washington state school directors' association;
(ii) The state-level association of school administrators;
(iii) The state-level association of school principals;
(iv) The state board of education;
(v) The statewide association representing certificated classroom teachers and educational staff associates;
(vi) The office of the superintendent of public instruction;
(vii) The state-level parent–teacher association;
(viii) Higher education;
(ix) The statewide association of public libraries;
(x) A person selected by the office of the superintendent of public instruction to represent low-income communities or communities of color;
(xi) A person selected by the educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee; and
(xii) A nonprofit organization with statewide experience in expanded learning opportunities frameworks.
(6) Staff support for the expanded learning opportunity council shall be provided by the office of the superintendent of public instruction and other state agencies as necessary. Appointees of the council shall be selected by May 30, 2014. The council shall hold its first meeting before August 1, 2014. At the first meeting, the council shall determine regularly scheduled meeting times and locations.


Expiration date2015 c 163 § 1: "Section 1 of this act expires August 31, 2019." [ 2015 c 163 § 2.]
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