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*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 6037-S.SL) ***
(1) The incorporators or board of directors of a corporation shall adopt initial bylaws for the corporation.
(2) The articles of incorporation or bylaws must either specify the number of directors or specify the process by which the number of directors will be fixed, unless the articles of incorporation dispense with a board of directors pursuant to RCW 23B.08.010.
(3) Unless its articles of incorporation or its bylaws provide otherwise, a corporation is governed by the following provisions:
(a) The board of directors may approve the issuance of some or all of the shares of any or all of the corporation's classes or series without certificates under RCW 23B.06.260;
(b) A corporation that is not a public company shall hold a special meeting of shareholders if the holders of at least ten percent of the votes entitled to be cast on any issue proposed to be considered at the meeting demand a meeting under RCW 23B.07.020;
(c) A director need not be a resident of this state or a shareholder of the corporation under RCW 23B.08.020;
(d) The board of directors may fix the compensation of directors under RCW 23B.08.110;
(e) Members of the board of directors may participate in a meeting of the board by means of a conference telephone or similar communication equipment under RCW 23B.08.200;
(f) Corporate action permitted or required by this title to be approved at a board of directors' meeting may be approved without a meeting if the corporate action is approved by all members of the board under RCW 23B.08.210;
(g) Regular meetings of the board of directors may be held without notice of the date, time, place, or purpose of the meeting under RCW 23B.08.220;
(h) Special meetings of the board of directors must be preceded by at least two days' notice of the date, time, and place of the meeting, and the notice need not describe the purpose of the special meeting under RCW 23B.08.220;
(i) A quorum of a board of directors consists of a majority of the number of directors under RCW 23B.08.240;
(j) If a quorum is present when a vote is taken, the affirmative vote of a majority of directors present is the act of the board of directors under RCW 23B.08.240;
(k) A board of directors may create one or more committees and appoint members of the board of directors to serve on them under RCW 23B.08.250; and
(l) Unless approved by shareholders, a corporation may indemnify, or make advances to, a director only for reasonable expenses incurred in the defense of any proceeding to which the director was a party because of being a director to the extent such action is consistent with RCW 23B.08.500 through 23B.08.580 under RCW 23B.08.590.
(4) The bylaws of a corporation may contain any provision for managing the business and regulating the affairs of the corporation to the extent the provision does not infringe upon or limit the exclusive authority of the board of directors under RCW 23B.08.010(2)(b) or otherwise conflict with this title or any other law, the articles of incorporation, or a shareholders' agreement authorized by RCW 23B.07.320.
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