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Pesticide-sensitive individuals—List procedure.

(1) The department shall develop a list of pesticide-sensitive individuals. The list shall include any person with a documented pesticide sensitivity who submits information to the department on an application form developed by the department indicating the person's pesticide sensitivity.
(2) An applicant for inclusion on the pesticide-sensitive list may apply to the department at any time and shall provide the department, on the department's form, the name, street address, and telephone number of the applicant and of each property owner with property abutting the applicant's principal place of residence. The pesticide sensitivity of an individual shall be certified by a physician who holds a valid license to practice medicine in this state. The lands listed on an application for inclusion on the pesticide-sensitive list shall constitute the pesticide notification area for that applicant. For highway or road rights-of-way, a property abutting shall mean that portion of the property within one-half mile of the principal place of residence.
(3) A person whose name has been included on the pesticide-sensitive list shall notify the department of a need to update the list as soon as possible after: (a) A change of address or telephone number; (b) a change in ownership of property abutting a pesticide-sensitive individual; (c) a change in the applicant's condition; or (d) the sensitivity is deemed to no longer exist.
(4) The pesticide-sensitive list shall expire on December 31 of each year. The department shall distribute application forms for the new list at a reasonable time prior to the expiration of the current list, including mailing an application form to each person on the current list at the address given by the person in his or her most recent application. Persons desiring to be placed on or remain on the list shall submit a new application each year.
(5) The department shall distribute the list by January 1 and June 15 of each year to all certified applicators likely to make landscape applications. The list shall provide multiple methods of accessing the information so that certified applicators making landscape applications or right-of-way applications are able to easily determine what properties and individuals require notification for a specific application. An updated list shall be distributed whenever deemed necessary by the department. Certified applicators may request a list of newly registered individuals that have been added to the list since the last distribution. Registered individuals shall receive verification that their name has been placed on the list.
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