Chapter 17.21 RCW



HTMLPDF 17.21.010Declaration of police power and purpose.
HTMLPDF 17.21.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 17.21.030Director's authorityRules.
HTMLPDF 17.21.040Rules subject to administrative procedure act.
HTMLPDF 17.21.050HearingsAdministrative procedure act.
HTMLPDF 17.21.060SubpoenasWitness fees.
HTMLPDF 17.21.065Classification of licenses.
HTMLPDF 17.21.070Commercial pesticide applicator licenseRequirements.
HTMLPDF 17.21.080Commercial pesticide applicator licenseApplicationForm.
HTMLPDF 17.21.091Commercial pesticide applicator licensePersons who may apply under license authority.
HTMLPDF 17.21.100Recordkeeping by licensees and agricultural users.
HTMLPDF 17.21.110Commercial pesticide operator licenseRequirements.
HTMLPDF 17.21.122Private-commercial pesticide applicator licenseRequirements.
HTMLPDF 17.21.126Private applicator, limited private applicator, or rancher private applicatorRequirementsApplication for licenseFees.
HTMLPDF 17.21.128Renewal of certificate or licenseRecertification standards.
HTMLPDF 17.21.129Demonstration and research licenseFeesRequirements.
HTMLPDF 17.21.130Revocation, suspension, or denial.
HTMLPDF 17.21.132License, certificationApplicationsFeeExpiration dates.
HTMLPDF 17.21.134LicensesExamination requirementsFees.
HTMLPDF 17.21.140RenewalDelinquency.
HTMLPDF 17.21.150Violation of chapterUnlawful acts.
HTMLPDF 17.21.160Commercial pesticide applicator licenseFinancial responsibility.
HTMLPDF 17.21.170Commercial pesticide applicator licenseAmount of bond or insurance requiredNotice of reduction or cancellation by surety or insurer.
HTMLPDF 17.21.180Commercial pesticide applicator licenseSuspension of license for failure to meet financial responsibility criteria.
HTMLPDF 17.21.190Damages due to use or application of pesticideReport of loss required.
HTMLPDF 17.21.200Commercial pesticide applicator licenseExemptions.
HTMLPDF 17.21.203Government research personnelRequirements.
HTMLPDF 17.21.220Application of chapter to governmental entitiesPublic operator license requiredExemptionLiability.
HTMLPDF 17.21.280Disposition of revenue, enforcement of chapterPesticide safety education programFeeDistrict court fees, fines, penalties, and forfeitures.
HTMLPDF 17.21.290Pesticide application apparatusesLicense plate as identification.
HTMLPDF 17.21.300Agreements with other governmental entities.
HTMLPDF 17.21.305Licensing by cities of first class and counties.
HTMLPDF 17.21.310General penalty.
HTMLPDF 17.21.315Civil penalty for failure to comply with chapter.
HTMLPDF 17.21.320Access to public or private premisesSearch warrantsProsecuting attorney's dutiesInjunctions.
HTMLPDF 17.21.340Violation of chapterRemedies.
HTMLPDF 17.21.350Report to legislature.
HTMLPDF 17.21.400Landscape or right-of-way applicationsNotice.
HTMLPDF 17.21.410Landscape applicationsMarking of property, posting requirements.
HTMLPDF 17.21.415SchoolsPolicies and methodsNotificationRecordsLiability.
HTMLPDF 17.21.420Pesticide-sensitive individualsList procedure.
HTMLPDF 17.21.430Pesticide-sensitive individualsNotification.
HTMLPDF 17.21.440Agricultural workers and handlers of agricultural pesticidesCoordination of regulation and enforcement with department of labor and industries.
HTMLPDF 17.21.445Protection of pollinator healthReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 17.21.450Application of certain pesticides by noncertified applicatorsStandards adopted by rule.
HTMLPDF 17.21.455Pesticide advisory boardEstablishedMembership.
HTMLPDF 17.21.460Pesticide advisory boardElection of chairAuthority to call a meeting.
HTMLPDF 17.21.900Preexisting liabilities not affected.
HTMLPDF 17.21.920Short title.