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Unlawful use of containers—Seizure authorized.

(1) It shall be unlawful for a person other than the owner, to possess for sale or barter or to use a container that is used to distribute packaged milk or milk products and that bears the name or trademark of an owner that has been properly registered.
(2) A person receiving packaged dairy products in containers bearing the registered name or trademark of the owner shall return the containers to the owner.
(3) When such a container is in the possession of a person other than the owner, the director may seize and hold it until it is established to the director's satisfaction that such possession is lawful. The director may seize such containers and return them to the owner, in which case the owner shall pay the expenses thereof. Neither the director nor a person who returns such containers shall be liable for containers lost in transportation.
[ 1994 c 143 s 508; 1961 c 11 s 15.32.450. Prior: (i) 1927 c 192 s 22, part; 1923 c 27 s 12, part; 1919 c 192 s 86, part; 1915 c 101 s 1, part; RRS s 6259, part. (ii) 1915 c 101 s 3; RRS s 6261. (iii) 1927 c 192 s 22a; 1915 c 101 s 4; RRS s 6262. (iv) 1927 c 192 s 22b; 1915 c 101 s 5; RRS s 6263. Formerly RCW 15.32.450.]
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