Topical Index

Beekeeping, commercial beekeeper drivers: SB 5694, SSB 5694
Budget, 2019-2021: HB 1160, SB 5214
Budget, 2019-2021 and supplemental 2017-2019: * ESHB 1160, CH 416 (2019) PV, SSB 5214
Budget, 2019-2021, additive: SB 5972, SSB 5972
Budget, projects, before including in authorization, evaluating: HB 2688, SB 6398
Budget, supplemental 2017-2019: HB 1161, SB 5213
Budget, supplemental 2019-2021: HB 2322, SB 6497
Budget, transportation projects, correcting omnibus act reference: HB 2271, SB 6094
Budget, transportation projects, general obligation bonds for: HB 2271, SB 5970, SB 6094
Budget, transportation projects, motor vehicle sales/use tax revenue for: HB 2323, SB 6041
Budget, transportation projects, revenue for: HB 2135
Car rental, retail, additional sales tax on: SB 5971, SSB 5971
Climate change, land use, and transportation, GMA comprehensive planning: HB 2609, SB 6335
Commercial transportation services providers, greenhouse gas emissions from: HB 2310, SHB 2310, 2SHB 2310, SB 6399
Commercial transportation services, freight delivery, vehicle insurance: SB 5239
Common carrier liquor licensees, industry member tastings for passengers: SHB 2686, SSB 6095
Common carrier liquor licensees, sales on train car, vessel, or airplane: HB 2686, SB 6095
Common carrier liquor licensees, three-tier system exemptions, when: SHB 2686, SSB 6095
Coordinated transportation, agency council on, removing provision from statute: HB 2402
Delivery devices, automated electrically powered ground-based, regulatory framework work group: SSB 5378
Delivery devices, personal, regulation of: HB 1325, * ESHB 1325, CH 214 (2019), SB 5378
Economic and technology advancement advisory committee, appointing: HB 2042
Electrification, charge ahead Washington program, establishing: SSB 5336
Electrification, economic and technology advancement advisory committee: HB 2515
Electrification, electric vehicle infrastructure, role of utilities: HB 1664, SB 5336, SSB 5336, 2SSB 5336
Electrification, plans, adoption by utilities: * E2SHB 2042, CH 287 (2019)
Electrification, plans, adoption by utilities and PUD's: HB 1127, HB 1512, * SHB 1512, CH 109 (2019), HB 2042, SHB 2042, SSB 5336, 2SSB 5336
Electrification, plans, submission by utilities: HB 1664, SB 5336
Electrification, scoping plan, advisory committee regarding, convening: HB 2515
Electrification, selling/registering in WA only electric vehicles by 2030: HB 2515
Employee shuttles, shared, operation in King County by non-county entity: SB 5896, SSB 5896
Employer transportation service vehicles, private, park and ride lot use by: HB 1957, SB 5896, SSB 5896
Food delivery providers, greenhouse gas emissions from: HB 2310, SHB 2310, SB 6399
For-hire vehicles, rides by, trip fee: SB 5971, SSB 5971
Freight brokers/forwarders, with agreement with carrier, industrial insurance: ESB 5765
Funding, additional/cumulative motor vehicle fuel tax rate for: HB 2913
Funding, certain bond proceeds to be used for: HB 2914
Funding, local transportation revenue options: HB 2362, SB 6652
Funding, motor vehicle sales/use tax revenues, use of: HB 2323, SB 6041
Funding, revenue sources for: HB 2362, SB 5971, SSB 5971, SB 6652
Funding, transfers to accounts negatively impacted by I-976: SB 6245
Goods delivery providers, greenhouse gas emissions from: HB 2310, SB 6399
Green transportation capital grant program, establishing: HB 2042, SHB 2042, * E2SHB 2042, CH 287 (2019)
Liquor, carrier delivery to recipient in state, reporting requirements: HB 1389, SB 5472
Liquor, illegal shipments to consumers in Washington, investigating: SHB 1389
Low-carbon transportation network, advisory committees: HB 2042
Low-carbon transportation network, transitioning to, studying: HB 2042
Private vehicles, use by state officials/employees, reimbursement rate: SB 6193
Projects of statewide significance, transportation, designation as: HB 1994, * ESHB 1994, CH 137 (2019), SB 5847, SSB 5847
Projects, certain account appropriations for, repealing authority to transfer: HB 2194
Regional transportation planning organizations, counteracting climate change: HB 2427, HB 2609, SB 6335, SB 6453
Regional transportation planning organizations, voting membership for tribes: * EHB 1584, CH 118 (2019), SHB 1584, SB 5778
Rental, private vehicle rental programs: SB 5893
Retail car rental, owner renting via marketplace facilitator as, sales taxation: HB 2071, SB 5927
Special transportation needs, persons with, private sector providers for: HB 1472
Tracking technology, using to collect data to determine taxes/fees, constitutional amendment to prohibit: HJR 4214
Tracking technology, using to collect data to determine taxes/fees, prohibiting: HB 2854
Transportation application service providers, greenhouse gas emissions from: HB 2310, SHB 2310, SB 6399
Transportation benefit assessment, special statewide, imposing: SB 5971, SSB 5971
Transportation benefit districts, annual vehicle fee imposition by, restoring: SB 6677
Transportation benefit districts, local sales/use tax imposition by: HB 2362, SB 6652
Transportation network companies, drivers, and vehicles, uniform regulation: HB 2039, SB 5926
Transportation system, policy goals, modifying: HB 2688, SB 6398
Transportation system, policy goals, preservation and safety as priorities: HB 2285
Transportation system, policy goals, to include health improvement: EHB 2461, SB 6452
Transportation system, preservation and replacement backlog, reducing: HB 2285
Truck owner-operator, with agreement with carrier, industrial insurance: SSB 5765
Vehicle sharing, programs for, peer-to-peer vehicle sharing program act: HB 2773, HB 2918