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               (See also PUBLIC TRANSIT)
Amtrak 501 derailment report, confirmation of compliance with, requiring: SB 6321
Amtrak, compliance with 501 derailment report, UTC confirmation of, requiring: SB 6321
Grade crossings, clearing for law enforcement/emergency services vehicles: HB 2923, SB 6675
Hazardous material trains, minimum crew requirements: HB 1841, SB 5877
Highway grade crossing, stop sign at, bicyclist requirements: HB 2358, SHB 2358, SB 6208, SSB 6208
Investigations and inspections, UTC information sharing/disclosure, when: HB 2439
Oil, vapor pressure of crude, in rail tank car at loading/unloading facility: HB 1785, SB 5579, * ESSB 5579, CH 354 (2019)
Rail safety governance best practices, consultant study on: HB 2287, SHB 2287
Sound transit, compliance with Amtrak 501 derailment report by, requiring: SB 6321
Workers, including operating craft employees, safe leave act and account: HB 1843, SB 5879
Yardmasters, hours of service and rest periods: HB 1842, SB 5878