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               (See also BUSINESSES; TAXES - LODGING)
Human trafficking, transient accommodation employee training: HB 2320, SHB 2320, SB 6356
Lodging, hospitality industry in Washington, recognizing: * SR 8607 (2019)
Lodging, short-term rentals through internet platforms, special excise taxes: SB 6680
Lodging, tourism promotion area formation charge for furnishing, additional: * ESSB 6592, CH 215 (2020)
Lodging, tourism promotion area formation charge for furnishing, increasing: SB 6592
Lodging, tourism promotion area formation charges for furnishing, removal petition: SB 6592, * ESSB 6592, CH 215 (2020)
Marijuana, use in hotel, motel, or inn guest rooms, unlawful, when: HB 2199
Public accommodation, places of, artificial intelligence profiling in, prohibiting: HB 2644
Public accommodation, places of, closed captioning on televisions in: SB 6182, SSB 6182
Public accommodation/etc., places of, facial recognition technology in, prohibiting: HB 2856, SHB 2856
Sale of lodging, special excise taxes on: HB 1242, SB 5228, ESSB 5228, SB 6446, SB 6680
Short-term agreements, standards for, for transient accommodations: SB 5863
Short-term rental operators and platforms, requirements: HB 1798, * SHB 1798, CH 346 (2019), SB 5870
Short-term rental operators, complimentary wine by, special permit: HB 2192