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               (See also BUDGETS; TITLE ONLY BILLS)
Chehalis basin flood damage, projects, general obligation bonds: HB 1154
General obligation bonds, for building business ecosystems area financing: SB 5564, SSB 5564
General obligation bonds, for capital and operating budget projects: HB 1101, * SHB 1101, CH 414 (2019), SB 5133, SSB 5133
General obligation bonds, for community behavioral health facilities: SB 5537, SSB 5537
General obligation bonds, for military benefit zone public improvements: HB 1386, SHB 1386, SB 5571, SSB 5571
General obligation bonds, for Puget Sound Gateway projects: HB 2132
General obligation bonds, for Puget Sound Gateway, I-405, and SR-167 projects: * ESSB 5825, CH 421 (2019)
General obligation bonds, forward Washington projects or improvements: SB 5970
General obligation bonds, proceeds for transportation budget projects: SB 5970
School district bonds and payment levies, at least 55% of voters to authorize: SB 5252, SJR 8202
School district bonds and payment levies, simple majority to authorize: HB 1184, HJR 4203, SB 5066, SSB 5066, SJR 8201, SSJR 8201
School district capital bond authorization, training for district boards: HB 2023
State debt reduction account, creating for bond interest/principal payment: SB 5938