Topical Index

Advisory vote, measure on ballot for, re-positioning or removing, studying: ESHB 2704
Aerial imagery needs assessment study for state and local agencies, conducting: HB 2108, SB 5824
Affordable housing land bank, surplus public property for, studying: SHB 1752
Aged, blind, or disabled assistance program, grant amount, studying: SB 6116, SSB 6116
Air pollutants, sources of toxic, near certain port, studying: HB 2603
Airport investment study, DOT, recommendations: * HB 1018, CH 48 (2017)
Airport, international, air traffic and air quality at, studying: HB 1171, SHB 1171, SB 5225
Atlantic salmon, 2017 escapement, impact on native salmon, studying: SSB 6086
Ballots, prepaid postage for, studying: HB 2432
Bridge, additional Washington-Oregon, studying options: HB 2352
Capitol/legislative building, dome of, filamentous fungi impact/removal, studying: SB 6625
Clean energy investment, via certain projects, studying to determine awards: SB 5930
Clean energy investment, via certain projects, studying to determine investment prices: HB 2230
Colleges, four-year, course materials and textbooks at, studying: HB 1561, SHB 1561, * E2SHB 1561, CH 268 (2018) PV
Commercial office space, local tax exemption program for, studying: SHB 1495, E2SHB 1495
Commercial office space, sales/use remittance and property tax reinvestment, studying: HB 2813, HB 2981, SB 6418
Community colleges, overuse of part-time faculty by, studying: HB 1888
Counties, core services and functions costs for each, studying: SB 5752
Credit reports, consumer security freeze modifications, evaluating: SHB 2384, * ESB 6018, CH 54 (2018)
Cybersecurity and IT at state agencies, attracting students for, studying methods: HB 1697
Domestic violence risk assessment, creating work group to study: HB 1163, SHB 1163, * E2SHB 1163, CH 272 (2017), SB 5904
Drugs, prescription, excessive price increases, studying: SSB 5995
Essential needs and housing support program, grant amount, studying: SB 6116, SSB 6116
Federally qualified health center, for developmental disabilities services, studying: 2SSB 5594
Ferry service, passenger-only between Olympia and Seattle, studying: SB 6054
Fiscal notes, reliability of, work group to study: HB 1960
Food and forest products manufacturing wastes, beneficial uses of, analyzing: HB 2133, SHB 2133
Food system, state, study of, to include expansion of system capacity: HB 1552
For-profit institutions and private vocational schools, ombuds for, studying: SHB 1439, * E2SHB 1439, CH 203 (2018)
For-profit institutions and private vocational schools, two-part study, continuing: SHB 1439, * E2SHB 1439, CH 203 (2018)
Foster care services, extended, studying: HB 1867, * SHB 1867, CH 265 (2017)
Girls, dually involved in child welfare and juvenile justice systems, studying: SB 5831, SSB 5831
Graham, college in, feasibility study for, continuing: SB 6534
Health insurance pool, Washington state, intention to study: SHB 1338, * 2SHB 1338, CH 110 (2017)
Health security trust, benefits for injured workers under, studying: HB 1026
Hemp, industrial, regulatory framework feasibility, studying: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Higher education institutions, contributions of, economic impact, studying: HB 1910
Homelessness in Washington, statewide study of: HB 1570, ESHB 1570, SB 5254, SSB 5254
Infrastructure goals, state, studying feasibility of statewide authority for achieving: HB 2594
Infrastructure, needs and new infrastructure authority, studying: SHB 2594
Interstate 405, traffic flow on, studying: SB 6558
Janitors, commercial, safety and health risks, studying: SB 6227
Juvenile and adult court jurisdiction, modifications of, impact of, studying: HB 2895, SHB 2895, SSB 6160, * E2SSB 6160, CH 162 (2018)
Law enforcement officer diversity and community engagement, studying: HB 1529, SB 5073, SSB 5073
Law enforcement officer diversity, how to increase, studying: HB 1769
Legal financial obligations, reform measures, studying effectiveness of: HB 1783
Local government revenue authority and constitutional/statutory obligations, studying: HB 2011
Local government tax revenue capacity, in relation to obligations, studying: HB 2737, SHB 2737
Marijuana, legalizing recreational user plant possession, regulation of, studying: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Marijuana, medical use, retailer home delivery, creating system for, studying: SHB 2574
Medicaid personal care services, delivery by family-member caregivers, studying: * 2ESB 5867, CH 34 (2017)
Medical debt, studying: SHB 2731
Military members, overseas, unemployment compensation for spouses, studying: HB 2456, SHB 2456
Native American women, missing, resources for reporting and identifying of, studying: HB 2951, * SHB 2951, CH 101 (2018)
Natural disaster mitigation and resiliency activities, work group to study: HB 2320, SHB 2320, SB 6036, SSB 6036
Offender early release and community custody, studying: HB 1789, SB 5600
Online games and apps, loot boxes and similar mechanisms for, studying: SB 6266
Paraeducators, effect on student outcomes, studying: HB 1115, * ESHB 1115, CH 237 (2017) PV, SB 5070
Prescription drugs, covered, point-of-sale maximum cost and disclosures, studying: SHB 2296
Promise program, Washington, effectiveness of, studying: HB 1840, SHB 1840, SB 5666
Renewable and clean energy and efficiency, conducting five studies of: 2SSB 6253
Renewable and clean energy and efficiency, conducting two studies of: SHB 2995
Renewable energy systems, encouraging, studying in order to: SB 6081, ESSB 6081
Retirement, LEOFF plan 2, interruptive service credit requirement, studying: * SB 5661, CH 188 (2017)
School libraries, information/technology resources, student impact, examining: HB 2695, SB 6460, SSB 6460
School meal programs, breakfast after the bell, analyzing: * 2ESHB 1508, CH 8 (2018), ESB 6003
Schools, locally determined courses in English and mathematics, studying: HB 1793
Social security numbers, preventing proliferation of, legislative task force to study: HB 2249
Solar photovoltaic energy generation barriers, conducting two studies of: SB 6253, SSB 6253, 2SSB 6253
Statewide open records portal, feasibility of, studying: SHB 1516, HB 1594, * ESHB 1594, CH 303 (2017)
Student loan authority, to refinance loans from bonds, studying impact of: HB 1440, SHB 1440, SB 5210, SB 6029, SSB 6029, * E2SSB 6029, CH 62 (2018)
Uniform medical plan, 3-part aim solution cost containment, studying: HB 1276
Voting, registration, automatic at birth, studying: SSB 6353, 2SSB 6353, E3SSB 6353
Voting, registration, automatic, feasibility of, studying: SHB 2595
Voting, registration, automatic, of naturalized citizens, studying: HB 2595, SHB 2595, SB 6353, SSB 6353, 2SSB 6353, E3SSB 6353
Workforce for agriculture, natural resources, and environment, studying: HB 1404, SHB 1404, SB 5285, SSB 5285
Workforce for agriculture, natural resources, outdoor recreation, and environment, studying: * 2SSB 5285, CH 182 (2017)