Topical Index

Automated license plate recognition systems, time restriction enforcement using: HB 1909, SHB 1909
Capitol campus, state, parking rules, infractions, and adjudication: HB 1852, SB 5672
Disabilities, persons with, accessible parking spaces for, requirements: * HB 1262, CH 132 (2017)
Disabilities, persons with, accessible vehicle companies, special privileges: * EHB 2003, CH 151 (2017)
Disabilities, persons with, special privileges, health care practitioner authorization: HB 1515, * SHB 1515, CH 112 (2017), SB 5195, SSB 5195
Facilities, improvement or repair of, projects of statewide significance for: SB 5621
Facilities, public, impact on high poverty/ethnically diverse area, mitigation of: HB 2093, SB 5725, SSB 5725
Motorcycles, permissible parking methods: SB 6070
Narrow track vehicles, parking by: HB 2596, SB 6176
Off-street facilities, city authority to obtain property for: HB 2292
Pavement sealant, asphalt, in coal tar pollution statutes: SB 5814