Topical Index

               (See also ABORTION; HUMAN REMAINS)
Certificates, death, abbreviated: HB 2458
Coroner, inquest, procedures: SB 5769, SSB 5769
Coroners and medical examiners, case management system for, funding of: * HB 1794, CH 146 (2017), SB 5612
Death with dignity, informed decision making: SB 5433
Deceased employee, municipal corporation employer indebtedness to, requirements: SB 6197
Health care declarations, statewide registry, entity to manage: SB 5574
Holodomor/"murder by starvation," 1932-1933 famine in Ukraine, remembering victims of: * SR 8663 (2017)
Homicide or death by other criminal means, family notification, work group: HB 1759, SHB 1759
Loss prevention reviews by state agencies, modifying requirements: HB 1323, ESHB 1323, SB 5173, * ESSB 5173, CH 318 (2017)
Medical examiner, inquests, provisions: SSB 5769
Natural death act, advance directives, notaries and proof of identity for: HB 1640, SB 5478
Scene of death, coroner authority to order persons to vacate: HB 1142
Wrongful death actions, beneficiaries of, eligibility of certain dependents: SB 5979
Wrongful death actions, survival of, recoverable damages: HB 2262, SB 6015