Topical Index

Aircraft, citation for failing to register, deferred prosecution program, county role: SB 6293
Background checks of county employees and certain others, by ordinance, when: * EHB 1620, CH 332 (2017), SHB 1620, SB 5399
Boundary review boards, annexation boundaries, actions involving: HB 1682, ESB 5652
Boundary review boards, unincorporated island of territory annexation not subject to: HB 2665, SB 6312
Business improvement districts, purposes, procedures, and authority of: HB 1823
Business improvement districts, renaming PBIAs as: HB 1823
Clark, adding to farm internship pilot project: * HB 1906, CH 150 (2017)
Clark, elder justice center demonstration program, Clark county center expansion: SB 5349
Clean energy districts, creating, county authority for: HB 1964
Clerks, various court documents, responsibilities for, including destruction, when: SB 6324
Commissioners, county employee recognition awards, board role: HB 2507, SB 6088
Commissioners, elections of, provisions: HB 1535
Coroner, inquest, procedures: SB 5769, SSB 5769
Coroners and medical examiners, case management system for, funding of: * HB 1794, CH 146 (2017), SB 5612
Coroners, at scene of death, ordering persons to vacate, authority for: HB 1142
Cowlitz, adding to farm internship pilot project: * HB 1906, CH 150 (2017)
Criminal justice purposes, property tax levies for, authority of all counties for: SHB 2006, HB 2041
Criminal justice, county criminal justice assistance account, funds use: HB 2006
Eastern Washington counties, state purchase of land in urban growth areas in: HB 1441
Eastern Washington county consortium, juvenile correctional facility operation by: * HB 1983, CH 278 (2017)
Grant county international airport, TRACON facilities at, requesting they be made permanent: HJM 4013, SJM 8013
King, convention center lodging tax, applying to lodging premises with fewer units: HB 2015, SHB 2015, SB 5850
King, Kathleen Southwick, Crisis Clinic executive director, honoring: * SR 8636 (2017)
King, superior court judge William L. Downing, recognizing: * SR 8617 (2017)
King, WestSide Baby and its founder, Donna Pierce, recognizing and honoring: * SR 8647 (2017)
Kitsap, comprehensive plan, schedule for updates to: HB 1089
Land, owned by county, recorded restrictive covenant, removal hearing: HB 2674
Laws, rules, and policies, state, municipality self-designated sanctuary from: HB 2178
Mason, Miss and Mr. Mason area pageant, members of, gratitude for: * HR 4603 (2017), * SR 8601 (2017)
Medical examiner, inquests, provisions: SSB 5769
Motor vehicle, citation for failing to register vessel, deferred prosecution program, county role: SB 6293
New counties, formation of, procedures for, establishing: SB 5932
Pierce, Melanie Dressel, honoring the life and accomplishments of: * HR 4624 (2017)
Pierce, Melanie J. Dressel, honoring the life and career of: * SR 8635 (2017)
Pierce, river sediment management demonstration project, permitting for: HB 1660, SB 5611
Pierce, sheriff's deputy Daniel McCartney, honoring: * HR 4654 (2018)
Public defense services, counties providing, funds disbursement to: HB 2687
Public defense services, counties providing, reimbursement of: HB 2031
Redistricting, noncharter counties, to include redistricting committees and elections: HB 1535
Rent, commercial properties, state preemption of rent controls: SSB 5286
Rural county high employer demand jobs program, establishing: HB 2177
Services and functions, core, costs for each county, studying: SB 5752
Snohomish, community residential developmental disabilities services, payment: HB 1062, SB 5014, SSB 5014, SB 6282
Snohomish, property in diking improvement districts in, certain fees, exemption: SB 5524
Snohomish, sheriff's office, Pat Stack, honoring: * HR 4636 (2017)
Spokane, elder justice center demonstration program, Spokane county center: SB 5349
Treasurers, acting as special purpose district treasurer, financial report role, when: SB 5034
Treasurers, contracting with another treasurer to perform services or duties, when: HB 1993, HB 2694
Treasurers, property tax collection, administration of delinquent payments: HB 1991
Treasurers, property tax collection, administrative efficiencies: * EHB 1648, CH 142 (2017), SB 5314, SSB 5314
Treasurers, property tax collection, refusal and liability: HB 2536, SB 6182
Treasurers, property tax collection, retaining portion for administrative costs: HB 1992
Treasurers, real estate excise tax collection, requirements: * EHB 1648, CH 142 (2017), SB 5314, SSB 5314
Urban development areas, county-owned property within, inventory of: HB 1752
Vessel, citation for failing to register vessel, deferred prosecution program, county role: SB 6293
Wage, minimum, for adults, in counties under certain population threshold: SB 5530
Wages, payment of, county requirements, enforcement, or regulation, prohibiting: HB 2065
Walla Walla, adding to farm internship pilot project: * HB 1906, CH 150 (2017)
Whatcom, fire district no. 7, fire chief Gary Russell, recognizing: * HR 4649 (2017)
Wildland urban interface areas, establishing, DNR technical assistance for: SB 6109