Topical Index

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Broadband access task force, creating: SB 5935
Broadband access, governor's office on, creating: SB 5935
Broadband deployment partnership initiative, creating: SB 5935
Broadband internet access services, customer proprietary information, privacy of: HB 2200, ESHB 2200
Broadband, advisory group on broadband deployment and adoption, convening: SB 5483
Broadband, broadband office, creating: SB 5483
Broadband, deployment in underserved areas, grant program for: SB 5935
Cybersecurity incidents, state of emergency, governor authority to proclaim: HB 1419
Cybersecurity, at state agencies, attracting students for, studying methods: HB 1697
Cybersecurity, blue ribbon panel on, convening: HB 1418, SHB 1418
Cybersecurity, conditional loan program for higher education: HB 1830
Cybersecurity, coordinating with emergency management, task force on, CIO role: HB 2086
Cybersecurity, state, excellence assessments: SB 5455, SSB 5455
Cyberstalking, as crime, revising and renaming: HB 2254
Data breaches, consumer reporting agencies, security freezes by: SB 6014
Data networks of state agencies, classification schedule and encryption standards: HB 1479
Data networks of state agencies, payment credentials stored on, requirements: HB 1421, SHB 1421
Data storage system, internet-based, for local agency electronic records: HB 1516, SHB 1516
Digital citizenship, media literacy, and internet safety, advancing in schools: SB 5449, * ESSB 5449, CH 90 (2017)
Digital inclusion and technology planning, advisory group on, repealing: SB 5935
Electronic data, federal agencies collecting, agency cooperation with, prohibiting: HB 1193
Fundraising portals, online for crowdfunding, tax exemptions, when: HB 1695
Information systems, certain appropriations if breached, constitutional amendment: HJR 4202
Information technology security, subject of governing body executive sessions: HB 1417, * SHB 1417, CH 137 (2017)
Information technology systems and infrastructure, state agency, testing security of: HB 1929, SHB 1929, 2SHB 1929, HB 2172
Information technology, at state agencies, attracting students for, studying: HB 1697
Information technology, DES contract operations, excellence assessments of: SSB 5572
Information technology, state agency, information technology investment account: SB 5915, SSB 5915
Information technology, state procurement of, chief information officer oversight of: HB 1787, SHB 1787, SB 5572, SSB 5572, SB 5915
Infrastructure, public and private computer networks, disclosure exemption: * HB 1829, CH 149 (2017)
Internet crimes against children, child pornography, funding for combating: HB 2072
Internet crimes against children, sexual exploitation, subpoenas, when: * EHB 1728, CH 114 (2017)
Internet providers, government contracts, personal information collection, when: SB 5919
Internet purchases of tobacco, shipping prohibition exemption for pipe tobacco: HB 1946
Internet services contracts, active duty military service member termination of: HB 1056, SB 5041, SB 6017
Internet, broadband access services, customer proprietary information, privacy of: HB 2200, ESHB 2200
Internet, electronic report-filing by lobbyists over, requirements: SSB 5120, SB 5737
Internet, high-speed, geographic information system map, procurement of: SB 5483
Internet, via telecommunications, company disclosures on billing statement: SB 5483
Medical record systems, electronic, agency purchase or upgrade of: SB 5787
Personal electronic data retrieval devices, using while driving, infraction: HB 1371, ESHB 1371, HB 2235, HB 2236, SB 5289, * SSB 5289, CH 334 (2017) PV
Public records, information technology systems for, local agency grant program: HB 1594, * ESHB 1594, CH 303 (2017)
Records, official electronic, legal material in, preservation and authentication: * SB 5039, CH 106 (2017)
Schools, online career and technical education courses: HB 1756
Schools, open educational resources project, removing expiration: HB 1688
Schools, openly licensed courseware, library of, provisions: HB 1688
Searches and seizures, security from unreasonable, constitutional amendment: HJR 4201
Social security numbers, data standards for, including prohibitions: HB 2249
Telework, incentives for employers: SB 6016
Ticket sellers, web sites of, selling software to interfere with, prohibition: HB 1584
Transportation network companies, digital networks of, role: SB 5620, ESSB 5620