Topical Index

Agritourism, liability of agritourism professionals, limitations on: HB 2020, SB 5808, * ESSB 5808, CH 227 (2017)
Apple industry, celebrating apple blossom festival and honoring apple blossom festival court: * SR 8632 (2017)
Apple maggot quarantine areas, outdoor burning in: SB 6055
Beekeeping, registered apiarists operating an apiary, immunity from liability: HB 2640
Berry growing operations, outdoor burning of pruning waste: SB 5004, SSB 5004
Bio- or genetically (or non-) engineered food products, voluntary labeling, tax credit: HB 1245
Biochar, from waste agricultural products, affirming research efforts to produce: HJM 4014
Chavez, Cesar, honoring: * SR 8642 (2017)
Chavez, Cesar, recognizing March thirty-first as Cesar Chavez day: HB 1939, SB 5913
Composting, protecting from nuisance lawsuits, when: HB 1590, SB 5431, ESSB 5431
Crop protection products, wholesale sales, B&O tax exemption, when: HB 1916, SB 5786, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Daffodils, recognizing the daffodil festival: * HR 4640 (2017)
Education, agriculture science grant program and lighthouse account, creating: HB 1453, SB 5318
Fairs, central Washington state fair association, on 125th anniversary of fair, honoring: * HR 4650 (2017)
Fairs, central Washington state fair, 125th anniversary of, honoring: * SR 8629 (2017)
Fairs, seasonal employees, overtime compensation exemption, revising: HB 2571
Fertilizer, commercial, wholesale sales of, B&O tax exemption, when: HB 1916, SB 5786, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Food policy forum, Washington, establishing: HB 1562, SHB 1562, E2SHB 1562
Food products businesses, omnibus permit process pilot program, establishing: HB 2133
Food products manufacturing wastes, beneficial uses of, analyzing: HB 2133
Food system, state, studying: HB 1552
Future farmers of America, Washington's, recognizing: * HR 4614 (2017), * SR 8621 (2017)
Hemp, industrial, funding of research on: HB 1979, SB 5732
Hemp, industrial, indicating exclusion from "controlled substance" definition: * HB 2064, CH 153 (2017)
Hemp, industrial, regulatory framework feasibility, studying: * ESSB 5131, CH 317 (2017)
Labor, agricultural, break times and rest periods, remedial compensation for, when: ESB 5720
Labor, agricultural, production-based safe harbor compensation for: HB 2049
Labor, agricultural, unemployment compensation, excluding marijuana from: SHB 1692
Land, small farms, encouraging through growth management act planning: HB 1609
Land, small farms, within current use property tax program: HB 1544, SHB 1544
Lands, agricultural, river sediment management demonstration project to aid: HB 1660, SB 5611
Lands, designated agricultural areas, no minimum acreage for: HB 1609
Lands, designated agricultural areas, removing, when: HB 2524
Lands, state, leased for agriculture or grazing, nondefault or early termination: * SSB 5051, CH 56 (2017)
Lands, state, leased for agriculture or grazing, nondefault termination: SB 5051
Marijuana production, modifying definitions to protect from nuisance lawsuits: HB 1692, SHB 1692
Marijuana, production and products, excluding from overtime exemption: SHB 1692
Marijuana, sales of, excluding from B&O tax exemption for agricultural products: SHB 1692
Markets, public, impounding of livestock: HB 1315, SHB 1315
Nutrition assistance programs, USDA, data on food insecurity and: HB 2014, SHB 2014, SB 5485, SSB 5485
Pollutant discharge elimination permits, treating nonagency individuals equitably: HB 2140, HB 2141
Seed, failure to produce, buyer-dealer mediation before legal action: HB 1132, * SB 5075, CH 33 (2017)
Seed, procurement by state agencies, identity and purity of: SB 5263, ESSB 5263
Seed, wholesale sales of, B&O tax exemption, when: HB 1916, SB 5786, * SSB 5977, CH 37 (2017) PV
Seeds and plants, for growing food/food ingredients, sales/use tax exemptions: HB 2499
Sewage sludge/biosolids, food grown in, labeling requirements: HB 1653
Transporters, agricultural, planting/harvesting seasons, federal exemption purposes: SB 6180
Weighmasters, weighmaster program provisions, revising: * SB 5437, CH 158 (2017)
Weights and measures program, authority, standards, fees, and penalties: HB 1773, SHB 1773
Workforce for agriculture, assessing to aid educational program planning for: HB 1404, SHB 1404, SB 5285, SSB 5285, * 2SSB 5285, CH 182 (2017)