Topical Index

Broadband equipment, for providing retail broadband service using, B&O tax credit: SB 6480, SSB 6480
Broadband equipment, sales and use tax exemptions: SB 5425
Broadband equipment, sales and use tax exemptions and B&O credit: SSB 5425
Call location and information, providing to law enforcement responding to emergency: SB 5158, * ESSB 5158, CH 190 (2015)
Cell phones and plans, employee mandatory use, reimbursement by employer: HB 1510
Cell site simulator devices, use without a warrant, prohibiting, exception: HB 1440, * ESHB 1440, CH 222 (2015)
Data privacy, protection, and access equity, office of, creating in DES: HB 2875
Data, office of privacy and data protection, creating: * SHB 2875, CH 195 (2016)
Electronic communications and data, secure from unreasonable searches and seizures, constitutional amendment to ensure: HJR 4200
Indian reservations, providing advanced services to: SB 5157
Information technology infrastructure and security, governing body executive sessions concerning: HB 1561
Installations, appeals of certain decisions and penalties, amount of accompanying certified check: HB 2548
Internet service providers, telecommunications services purchased or used or sold, sales and use tax exemptions: HB 2166, SB 6048
Intimate images, disclosing, crime of: SHB 1272, * 2E2SHB 1272, CH 7 (2015)
Intimate images, disclosing, crime of, mobile provider liability exemption: * HB 2384, CH 91 (2016)
Intimate images, unauthorized distribution of, civil action for damages, when: HB 1624, HB 2160, * ESHB 2160, CH 8 (2015), SB 5502
Intimate images, wrongfully distributing, crime of: HB 1272
Jail, persons in, prohibiting cell phone during term of confinement: * SHB 2900, CH 199 (2016) PV
Military service members, active duty, terminating telecommunication services, procedures: HB 2718, SHB 2718, SB 6636
Networking services, excluding providers from gambling information transmissions prohibitions, when: SB 6566
Personal wireless communications devices, using while driving, traffic infraction, when: HB 2574, SHB 2574, SB 5656, ESSB 5656
Prison inmates, prohibiting cell phone while incarcerated: * SHB 2900, CH 199 (2016) PV
Public utility districts, providing telecommunications services, authorization and requirements for: SB 6046, SB 6237
Sexual act or intimate parts, criminal invasion of privacy via nonconsensual dissemination or disclosure of: HB 1788
Social media safety, common schools model curriculum for, preparation and availability of: HB 2254
State universal communications services program, expenditure limit: HB 1782, SB 5670, * SSB 5670, CH 145 (2016)