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               (See also OIL AND GAS)
Charter party carriers and contract crew hauling vehicles, regulation of: HB 1808, SB 5797
Companies, certain contracts, repealing disclosure exemption for: * HB 2663, CH 182 (2016)
Crew transportation providers and contract crew hauling vehicles, regulation of: ESHB 1808, E2SHB 1808
Employees, yardmasters, working hours: HB 1284, SHB 1284, SB 5696
Freight rail dependent uses, on land near railroads, authorizing: HB 2468, SB 6334, ESSB 6334
Intoxicated, operating railroad while, provisions: HB 1015, HB 1017
Oil transport, contingency plans, for biological oils and blends: SB 6576
Oil transport, contingency plans, limiting requirements to railroads hauling crude oil or petroleum products: HB 2896
Oil transport, contingency plans, notice, financial responsibility, and emergency response: HB 1449, * ESHB 1449, CH 274 (2015), SB 5087, SB 6418
Oil transport, private railroad crossings upgrades, cost allocation for: SB 6119
Oil transport, private railroad crossings, provisions concerning: HB 1449, * ESHB 1449, CH 274 (2015), SB 5087, SB 6119
Oil transport, safety of, hazardous materials emergency response reporting: SHB 2575
Oil transport, safety of, updating oil shipment study, master document, and report: HB 2575
Oil transport, spill prevention and response activities, including symposium on: SB 5057, SSB 5057, E2SSB 5057
Passenger-carrying vehicles for employees, regulatory provisions: HB 1808, ESHB 1808, E2SHB 1808, SB 5797
Rail transportation in Washington state, legislative task force for, establishing: HB 2934, SB 6506
Royal Slope railroad right-of-way, transfer by DOT to Port of Royal Slope: HB 1586, * SHB 1586, CH 281 (2015), SB 5529, SSB 5529
Stanwood railway station, requesting naming as Mary Margaret Haugen Station: SJM 8023
State rail plan, preparation of, freight mobility strategic investment board role: HB 2923
State-owned railroads, funding: HB 1623
Trains, transporting hazardous materials, crew requirements: HB 1809, SHB 1809, E2SSB 5057, SB 5697