Topical Index

               (See also WILDLIFE)
Age requirements for hunting, modifying: HB 1119
Bear, black, bait station permit, issuance of, when: HB 1838, SHB 1838
Birds, migratory, annual stamp design, provisions: SB 5380, SSB 5380
Birds, migratory, hunting permit, assessing fees and migratory game bird program needs: SSB 6308
Birds, migratory, hunting permit, modifying fee and funding migratory game bird program with: SB 6308
Birds, migratory, sale of hunting permits to fund nonwaterfowl migratory bird projects: SB 5380, SSB 5380
Cougar control pilot program, using dangerous wildlife task teams, establishing: SB 5940
Education program and training course, including safe firearms handling: HB 1119
Enforcement, technical changes to clarify laws involving: * SB 6400, CH 64 (2016)
Fish and wildlife advisory commission, advisory role of: SB 5817
Hunter education and firearm safety high school elective course, development: HB 2325, SB 6515
Hunter education training program, receipts from national rifle association special license plates to help fund: HB 2514, SB 6015, SSB 6015
Indian tribal treaties and rights, fish and wildlife commission and governor roles: HB 2056
Licenses, for national guard members at no cost, when: HB 1351
Licenses, for state and national guard members at no cost, when: * ESHB 1351, CH 78 (2016)
Licenses, master hunter and damage deer and elk licenses, creating: SB 5632
Licenses, state "resident" for purposes of, reducing required residency period: HB 2526
Private land, encouraging hunting access while mitigating impacts: HB 1033
Public hunting, as measure to prevent damage from wildlife, prohibiting DFW from requiring: HB 2870
State parks, hunting in certain parks, authorizing: HB 1346
State parks, hunting in certain parks, authorizing for feasibility pilot project: SHB 1346
Tribal hunters, limiting enforcement against, when: HB 1261
Unlawfully collecting wildlife parts from another's property, misdemeanor: * HB 1627, CH 154 (2015)