Topical Index

Aerospace training or educational program, Everett Community College to offer: HB 1880, * SB 5746, CH 218 (2015)
Agricultural aircraft, as "qualifying farm machinery" for sales tax exemption purposes: HB 2572
Aircraft, registration, proof of, and penalty structure when late: HB 2413, * SHB 2413, CH 20 (2016)
Airplanes, large private, sales tax exemption for purchase and repair, narrowing to include only nonresident individual owners: HB 2992
Airplanes, new building construction for maintenance repair operators for, sales and use tax exemptions: HB 2839, SHB 2839, * 2SHB 2839, CH 191 (2016), SB 6454
Airports, funding for aviation airport aid grant program: HB 1526
Airports, municipal, relation to fire protection service authorities: SHB 1606
Airports, state grants to, using aircraft excise tax revenues: HB 1526, SB 5324, SSB 5324, * ESSB 6057, CH 6 (2015)
Airports, unmanned aerial vehicles operated near, prohibitions: HB 2774
Civil air patrol, recognizing the Washington state wing: * SR 8620 (2015), * SR 8717 (2016)
Commercial airplanes, new building construction for maintenance repair operators for, sales and use exemption: SB 6047
Employment, assessing level of and high-wage growth in, relation to certain preferential B&O tax rates: HB 2147, HB 2638, HB 2994
Employment, role in aerospace industry tax preferences performance statement: HB 2265
Employment, statewide aerospace wage requirement for certain tax incentives: HB 1786, SHB 1786
Fires, wildland, using aerial forces to suppress: SSB 6657
Rotorcraft, commercial, tax preferences: HB 1736, SB 5756
Spacecraft, development and manufacturing of, B&O and sales and use tax preferences: HB 2226, SHB 2226
Tsoo, Wong, Boeing's first engineer, 100th anniversary, honoring: * SR 8693 (2016)
Unmanned aerial vehicles, dangerous drone operations near correctional facilities, prohibiting: SB 6437, SSB 6437
Unmanned aerial vehicles, procedures and prohibitions: HB 2016, HB 2774, SB 6437, SSB 6437
Unmanned aircraft, nefarious drone enterprises, special allegation of: SB 5499
Unmanned aircraft, prohibitions: HB 1093, ESHB 1093