Topical Index

Identicards, applying for, proof of Washington residency: HB 1041
Identicards, applying for, providing proof of citizenship or lawful presence: SB 5380
Identicards, applying for, verifying citizenship or lawful presence in U.S.: SB 5012
Identicards, authorizing veteran designation on, application process: HB 2343, SHB 2343, * SB 5775, CH 185 (2014)
Identicards, confidential, issuance for certain law enforcement purposes, including records provisions: HB 1832, SB 5591, * SSB 5591, CH 336 (2013)
Identicards, enhanced, for crossing state border with Canada, setting fee for: ESHB 1954, SB 5857, ESSB 5857, SB 6577
Identicards, fee for, modifying distribution to improve transportation system revenue: HB 1954, ESHB 1954, SB 5920
Identicards, for incarcerated offenders, pilot program: HB 2518, SHB 2518
Identicards, for minors, design to indicate age of holder: HB 2471
Identicards, visible marker on, using to identify restriction of driving privileges due to driving under the influence: SB 5915, SB 5917
Poll-site voting identification procedures: HB 1317
Public agency employees, identicard numbers, public records exemption: HB 2376, ESHB 2376, * ESSB 6517, CH 106 (2014)
Public agency employees, identicard or identification numbers, public records exemption: SB 6517
Temporary homeless identification card, issuance by department of licensing: HB 2416