Topical Index

               (See also FIRE PROTECTION; PUBLIC WORKS)
Advertising, on contractor vehicles, to include contractor registration number: HB 2652
Apprentice utilization, public works requirements, modifying certain provisions: HB 2526, SHB 2526
Apprentice utilization, subsidized public works: HB 1023, SHB 1023, SB 5393
Bond, authority of water-sewer districts to determine, limitations: HB 1241, * SB 5186, CH 28 (2013)
Bridges, state boundary bridge, assigning steel fabrication inspector travel costs to contractor: HB 1288, SHB 1288
Construction agreements, voiding certain damage to property or death or bodily injury damage liability indemnification provisions: HB 2666, SB 5850
Electrical contractors, licensed, allowing generator load bank testing without electrical work permit: HB 1855
Electrical industry, whistleblowers in, protections for: HB 2275, SHB 2275, SB 6037
Heavy civil construction projects, alternative public works contracting procedures: * HB 2208, CH 42 (2014), SB 6428
Highway construction projects, use of design-build construction for, allocation of all risk to contractor: HB 1987
Independent contractor exemption certificates, voluntary, creating and regulating: HB 2147, SHB 2147
Independent, excluding from definition of employee for various purposes, conditions: HB 2258
Industrial insurance premiums, contractor liability, modifying provisions: HB 1616, SB 5789
Infractions, administrative hearings, amending department of labor and industries appeal bonds provisions: HB 2146, * SHB 2146, CH 190 (2014)
Liens against property of contractor by employee, provisions of employee fair classification act: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, SB 5526
Minorities, studying initiative 200's impact on minorities in contracting: SB 6556
Misclassification of employees, penalties under employee fair classification act: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, HB 2334, SB 5526
Payments for construction services, reporting requirements, violations, and penalties: EHB 1473
Prevailing wages, public works, basing on nonpublic works data: HB 2209
Prevailing wages, public works, determinations of prevailing wage rates, revising procedures and requirements: HB 1672, SB 5685
Prevailing wages, public works, exempting certain workers who deliver materials from requirements: ESSB 5684
Prevailing wages, public works, exemption when performed by nonprofit organizations: SB 6525
Prevailing wages, public works, modifying prevailing wage survey provisions: SB 5686, SSB 5686
Prevailing wages, public works, provisions of employee fair classification act: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, HB 2334, SB 5526
Prevailing wages, public works, specifying applicability to individuals employed in construction activities: SB 5684
Prevailing wages, public works, survey tracking: HB 2692
Prevailing wages, public works, surveys to use stratified random sampling: HB 2210, SB 6317, SSB 6317
Prevailing wages, residential construction workers, public works requirements: SB 5107
Prevailing wages, subsidized public works, requirements for affidavits of wages paid: HB 1025, SHB 1025, SB 5395
Public works, alternative public works contracting, heavy civil construction projects: * HB 2208, CH 42 (2014), SB 6428
Public works, alternative public works contracting, program expiration: HB 1210, SHB 1210, * HB 1768, CH 186 (2013), SB 5184
Public works, alternative public works contracting, revising provisions and extending program expiration: HB 1466, * SHB 1466, CH 222 (2013), SSB 5184, SB 5349
Public works, contracting and bidding, conducting electronically: HB 1841, * SHB 1841, CH 151 (2014)
Public works, contracting, modifying certain provisions related to apprentice utilization and prevailing wage: SB 6186, SSB 6186
Public works, contracting, preserving union work jurisdictions: HB 2775
Public works, disbursement of public funds, requiring contractors and subcontractors to submit certified payroll records: HB 2331, SHB 2331, SB 5621
Public works, lowest responsible bidder determinations, decreasing bid amount in connection with apprenticeship utilization: HB 2526
Public works, subsidized, apprentice utilization requirements: HB 1023, SHB 1023, SB 5393
Registration requirements, expanding exemption for casual, minor, or inconsequential work: HB 2113
Registration requirements, unemployment insurance account number and preregistration training program completion: HB 2501, SHB 2501, SB 6437
Reseller permits, fee to be imposed for: HB 1502, SB 5284
Resident workers, requirements for use on public works: HB 1026, SB 5394
Transportation projects, construction contracts for state highways, disclosure of conflicts of interest when bidding: HB 1801
Underground economy, improving contractor compliance with wage-related laws: HB 1440, SHB 1440, 2SHB 1440, HB 2334, SB 5526