Topical Index

Agencies, state, use of peer-reviewed scientific studies prior to taking action: HB 1307, SHB 1307, SB 5644
Columbia and Snake river mainstems, water resource management, using to promote production of biofuel and organic crops: HB 2192, SB 6028
Columbia river, public utility districts bordering, supplying water and electric energy for or from pumped storage generating facility: SB 6044
Columbia river, public utility districts bordering, supplying water for pumped storage generating facilities: HB 2616, * SSB 6044, CH 246 (2012)
Drinking water, construction of water quality and safe drinking water projects, authorizing bonds for: HB 2793, SHB 2793
Fire hydrant services, requirements for water-sewer districts, cities, and towns: HB 2591, SB 6469
Geothermal resources, development of and conforming federal and state statutes: SB 6285, SSB 6285
Home construction, human domestic water access in rural areas, requirements: SB 6312, ESSB 6312
Irrigation and rehabilitation districts, administration: HB 2756, SB 6512, ESSB 6512
Irrigation districts, drainage and irrigation within, exemptions from definition of critical areas for purposes of comprehensive plans: SSB 5292, * E2SSB 5292, CH 21 (2012)
Irrigation districts, hydroelectric generation on district facilities, qualifying for renewable energy credit: SB 6224
Irrigation districts, lease of district property, duration to be determined by district board of directors: HB 1392, * SB 5295, CH 50 (2011)
Irrigation districts, revising certain administrative provisions: ESB 6217
Irrigation, exemptions from definition of critical areas for purposes of comprehensive plans: HB 1390, SB 5292, SSB 5292, * E2SSB 5292, CH 21 (2012)
Irrigation, modifying public utility tax deduction provisions: HB 2094
Joint municipal utility services act: HB 1332, * ESHB 1332, CH 258 (2011), SB 5198, SSB 5198
Management of water resources, comprehensive provisions: HB 1610, SB 5536, SSB 5536, SB 5962
Public water systems, annual backflow prevention inspection and testing: HB 1242
Public water systems, authority of port district to deliver treated or raw water to a system: HB 1314
Public water systems, certain water right applications, efficiencies for municipal water suppliers: HB 2310
Public water systems, creation of joint municipal utility services authorities: HB 1332, * ESHB 1332, CH 258 (2011), SB 5198, SSB 5198
Public water systems, establishment of fluoridation levels by state board of health: HB 1653, HB 1935, SB 5772
Public water systems, liability after shutting off water to a residential home with a fire sprinkler system: HB 1295, * ESHB 1295, CH 331 (2011), SB 5206, SSB 5206
Public water systems, operating permits, revising provisions: HB 1468, SHB 1468, SB 5364, * SSB 5364, CH 102 (2011)
Public water systems, purchase of system from public utility district without approval of voters: * HB 1407, CH 285 (2011), SB 5248
Public water systems, use of point-of-entry and point-of-use treatment: SB 5803, SSB 5803, SB 5811
Quality, construction of water quality and safe drinking water projects, authorizing bonds for: HB 2793, SHB 2793
Skagit river basin, home construction and human domestic water access in: ESSB 6312
Skiing facilities, delivery of potable water to facility for building permit purposes: HB 2561
Stock water working group, department of ecology to convene: SB 6200
Storm water pollutants, toxic, imposing fee on first possession, exceptions: HB 1735, SB 5604
Storm water, department of ecology to provide comprehensive risk based storm water regulatory plan: HB 1806
Storm water, improving water quality during charitable car washes and prescribing penalty for violations: SB 5777
Storm water, mitigation projects, tax exemptions for sales and use of project materials: HB 1996
Storm water, new requirements, delaying to provide fiscal relief to cities and counties: HB 2338, SB 6207
Wastewater, companies, regulation by utilities and transportation commission: SB 5034, SSB 5034, * 2SSB 5034, CH 214 (2011)
Wastewater, companies, regulatory fees, technical statutory cross-reference corrections: * HB 2653, CH 111 (2012), SB 6214
Wastewater, publicly owned industrial treatment facilities, department of ecology authority to provide funding: SB 6027, SSB 6027
Wastewater, treatment, designers of on-site systems, licensing provisions: HB 1061, * SHB 1061, CH 256 (2011), SB 5286, SSB 5286
Water commission, state, creation: HB 1296, SHB 1296, SB 5210
Water resources, defining "minimum flows" and related terms: SB 6313
Water resources, limitations on withdrawing various waters from additional appropriations: SB 5750
Water resources, state's program, various administrative provisions: HB 2121
Watershed planning, water resource inventory areas, planning group applications for grants: HB 2743
Wells, additional construction fee to fund groundwater management activities: SB 5757
Wells, definition of "well" for water well construction purposes: HB 1467, * SHB 1467, CH 196 (2011), SB 5643
Wells, exempt, establishment of water quantity limits by ordinance: HB 2311
Wells, municipal water supplier well construction notification requirements: HB 1685, SB 5684, SSB 5684
Wells, permit exempt, revising real estate transaction disclosure form requirements: HB 2410
Western Washington, providing new supplies and storage to, studying feasibility with British Columbia: SB 6163, SSB 6163