Topical Index

               (See also RETIREMENT AND PENSIONS)
Assignment policies of districts, expanding staff assignment elements for consideration: SB 6537
Bonuses, ongoing suspension: * 2SHB 1132, CH 18 (2011)
Career and technical education certificated teachers, criteria for being considered to be professional certificated teachers: SB 5905
Career and technical education certificated teachers, waiving continuing education requirements in certain situations: SB 5906
Certificated instructional staff with national board certification, limiting bonus for: HB 2804
Civic educators in Washington state, honoring: * HR 4631 (2011)
Compensation, school district implementation of reductions through hour and day requirement waivers: SB 5829
Compensation, technical working group duties concerning: SB 5959
Continuing education requirements, removing for certificated teachers who qualify as professional certificated teachers: SB 5905
Continuing education requirements, waiving for career and technical education certificated teachers in certain situations: SB 5906
Contract nonrenewal notices for certificated school employees, deadlines: HB 2110, 2SHB 2538
Contracts, nonrenewal due to workforce reductions, provisions: SB 5959
Cost-of-living increases, ongoing suspension: HB 1132, SHB 1132, * 2SHB 1132, CH 18 (2011), SB 5470
Cost-of-living increases, repealing: SB 6377, SB 6618
Credits, application of, ongoing suspension: * 2SHB 1132, CH 18 (2011)
Cunningham, Frank, honoring: * SR 8675 (2012)
Dismissal, after unsuccessful improvement, notice requirements and procedures: SB 5455
Evaluation system, implementing revised system and using results: HB 2427, SB 6203
Evaluation system, incorporating in-service training or continuing education and developing online training package for new system: HB 2165, SB 6318
Evaluation system, requirements for evaluation systems and professional development programs: * ESSB 5895, CH 35 (2012)
Evaluation system, revised: SSB 5896
Evaluation system, use of summative comprehensive evaluation performance ratings for certificated employees: HB 2537, SB 6177
Evaluation systems, establishing statewide implementation plan: HB 2334, SB 6317
Evaluations, certificated employees to be considered provisional after consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations: HB 2309, HB 2427, SB 6203, SB 6278
Excellent teachers for every student act: SB 5914
Health care insurance, wellness incentives: SB 5869
Looping students and teachers in successive grade levels, professional educator standards board role in permitting districts to loop: HB 2164
MacRae, Tina, remembering: * SR 8638 (2011)
Maebori, Jay, 2011 Washington state teacher of the year, honoring: * SR 8631 (2011)
Mathematics, elementary mathematics specialists, development of specialty endorsement: HB 1600, * SHB 1600, CH 209 (2011)
Military spouses, expediting professional educator licensing process when relocating to Washington: * ESSB 5969, CH 5 (2011)
Professional certificated teachers, criteria for certificated teachers to be considered to be: SB 5905
Reduction in force, performance-based, certificated classroom teachers: HB 1609, SB 5399
Removal of teachers under excellent teachers for every student act, provisions: SB 5914
Salaries, excellent teachers for every student act provisions: SB 5914
Salary allocations for school districts, equalization: SB 5568
Savings plan, creation of public employees' savings plan: SB 5908
STEM teacher certification pilot program, creation and participation: SB 5725
STEM-related subjects, teacher certification subject area endorsements, revising standards: * HB 2160, CH 2 (2011), SB 5973
Top teacher recognition grant program, establishment: SB 5455