Topical Index

Ammunition, lead-containing, restricting authority of fish and wildlife commission to prohibit use or possession of: SB 6209
Black powder, as used in muzzle loading firearms, transportation and storage restrictions: HB 1066
Community corrections officers, firearm restrictions, partial exemption under certain conditions: * ESHB 1041, CH 221 (2011)
Concealed pistol license, increasing amount of certain licensing fees: SB 6628
Correctional personnel, firearm restrictions, partial exemption for completing firearms training: HB 1041, SB 5031
Correctional personnel, firearm restrictions, partial exemption under certain conditions: * ESHB 1041, CH 221 (2011)
Deadly weapons, assault in the first degree, with deadly weapon and reckless inflicting of great bodily harm: HB 1835
Firearms, accessories, and ammunition manufactured in Washington, exempting from federal regulation: HB 1990
Juvenile firearms and weapons crimes, provisions: SB 5313
Motor vehicles, privately owned, transporting and storing firearms and ammunition in vehicle: HB 2137
National rifle association special license plates: HB 2202, SB 6123, SSB 6123
Noise suppressors, legal use: * HB 1016, CH 13 (2011), SB 5112
Pistols, concealed pistol license, age requirement: HB 1238, HB 2481
Pistols, concealed pistol license, ineligibility due to possession prohibition under federal law: HB 1638, HB 1923, * SHB 1923, CH 294 (2011)
Pistols, concealed pistol license, reciprocity: HB 2481
Possession, background checks, clarifying entities to be consulted during: HB 1628, SB 5634, SSB 5634
Possession, during state of emergency, prohibiting restrictions on lawful possession, sale, etc.: HB 2382
Possession, right to possess, petitioning to restore: * HB 1455, CH 193 (2011)
Protection, citizen's right to self-protection, various means including guns and ammunition: SB 6272
Purchase and transfer, criminal background checks and other requirements: HB 2471
Reckless endangerment, expanding statutes to include unsafe storage of firearms: SB 6628
Rifles, short-barreled, modifying provisions: HB 2098, HB 2099
Safety devices and gun safes, use or issuance by government agencies and agents, standards and related provisions: HB 1729, SB 5697, ESSB 5697
Safety programs, Eddie Eagle gun safety program, using in preschools, early learning programs, and schools: SJM 8020
Shotguns, short-barreled, modifying provisions: HB 2099
Snowmobiles, lawful carry of loaded firearms: HB 1400
Sport shooting ranges, statutory provisions to protect ranges and range owners: HB 1508, ESHB 1508
Unlawful carrying or handling, on premises of higher education institution or at college-sponsored event: SB 5592
Unlawful possession, second degree to be a predicate offense for first degree in certain cases: HB 2589
Washington firearms freedom act: SB 6274
Washington right to protection act: SB 6272
Washington state firearms freedom act: HB 1990