Topical Index

"Manufacturer," definition modified in certain cases for tax purposes: HB 2229
Aerospace manufacturing, creation of a joint legislative task force on: HB 2324
Aerospace technology and advanced manufacturing, membership and duties of Washington institute of: SHB 2318, E2SHB 2318
Aerospace technology and manufacturing studies, creation of Washington institute of: HB 2318
Airplane manufacturer tax incentives, prerequisite for claiming: HB 3107
Asbestos in products, manufacturer duty to warn user of risks: HB 2054, SB 5964, SSB 5964
Beverage containers, incentives for collection and recycling of: HB 2644
Bisphenol A in products, prohibition: 2SHB 1180, SB 6248, * SSB 6248, CH 140 (2010)
Bisphenol A in products, prohibition and alternatives: HB 1180, SHB 1180, SB 5282
Bisphenol A in products, prohibitions, violations, and penalties: SSB 5282
Definition of manufacturing, modification for tax incentive programs for rural county businesses: HB 3188
Electronic testing and measurement devices, tax incentives for manufacturers of: HB 2982, SB 6632
Lead-containing products, labeling requirements for manufacturers and wholesalers: HB 1346
Lobbying restrictions, certain threats to relocate manufacturing jobs prohibited: HB 2316
Mercury-containing lights, establishment of product stewardship recycling programs with producer participation: HB 1469, SHB 1469, 2SHB 1469, HB 2914, SHB 2914, SB 5543, * ESSB 5543, CH 130 (2010)
Petroleum-based beverage bottles, prohibitions: HB 1859
Primary plastics or primary plastic container manufacturing, plastics tax to be instituted: SB 5747
Renewable energy manufacturing facilities, tax incentives: HB 2130, SHB 2130, 2SHB 2130, SB 6069
Resale certificates, improper use of and replacement with seller's permits issued by department of revenue: * SB 6173, CH 563 (2009)
Sales and use tax on machinery and equipment, expanding exemption to increase investment incentive: SB 6854
Solar electric generating systems, tax incentives in certain cases for manufacturing, selling, and using: HB 2537, SHB 2537
Solar energy systems using photovoltaic modules or semiconductor materials, tax modifications: HB 1911, SHB 1911, SSB 5161, SB 5906, SB 6170, * ESSB 6170, CH 469 (2009)
Tax incentive programs for rural county businesses, modification of definition of manufacturing for purposes of: HB 3188
Washington manufacturing innovation and modernization extension service program, business and occupation tax credit for participants: SB 5713
Washington manufacturing innovation and modernization extension service program, funding and termination of: SB 6667, SSB 6667