Topical Index

Absentee ballots, counting: HB 1623, SB 5631
Accessible community advisory committees to assist election officials in ensuring accessible polling places: HB 1739, SHB 1739, SB 5902, * ESSB 5902, CH 215 (2010)
Advertising, identification of sponsor: HB 1787
Ballot envelopes, requirements: * HB 1880, CH 125 (2010) PV, ESB 6430
Ballot propositions, disclosure of existing property tax levies on propositions for levy lid lifts: HB 2578, SB 6216
Ballot propositions, public facilities district board approval of propositions to be sent to the voters: HB 2682
Ballot titles for local measures, appeal procedures: HB 2405
Ballot titles to include more information and tax consequences of ballot measures: HB 3089
Ballot titles to include tax consequences of ballot measures: SB 6099
Ballots, commencing tabulation and maintaining secrecy of results: HB 2495
Ballots, envelopes to shield voter information on envelopes for return of: SB 5972
Ballots, identifying marks on: SB 6100
Ballots, inactive voters: HB 1019, * SB 5017, CH 103 (2009)
Ballots, modifying design provisions: HB 2496, * ESHB 2496, CH 32 (2010)
Ballots, prepaid postage requirement for primary and general election voting by mail: HB 2112
Ballots, protecting voter's signature and telephone number on envelopes for the return of: SB 5951
Ballots, titles to indicate property tax levy's financial impact: HB 1057, HB 2702, SB 5098, SB 6689
Ballots, voter identification marks by election officials not allowed: * SB 5359, CH 414 (2009)
Candidate filing, provisions modified: HB 1363, SHB 1363, SB 5271, * SSB 5271, CH 106 (2009)
Citizens public campaign act: SB 6177
Constitutional amendments and state measures, notice method and contents: HB 2311, SB 6123
Constitutional amendments, notice method and contents: HJR 4212, SJR 8217
County commissioner districts, limiting changes during commissioner elections and election filing periods: SB 6542
Designated major party election observers, requirements: HB 1752, ESHB 1752
Election notice provisions, modification of: HB 2398, SB 6322
Election provisions, technical corrections: HB 1364, SB 5327, * SSB 5327, CH 107 (2009)
First-class school districts, board of director elections: SB 5168
Freedom of speech, corporations not to be considered as persons for purposes of electioneering communications and campaign contributions: SJM 8027
Identifying marks on ballots, provisions: SB 6100
Immigrants, satisfactory evidence of citizenship to be required for voter registration: SB 6472
Internet voting for service voters and overseas voters: HB 1624, SHB 1624, SB 5522
Jury duty, notifying secretary of state and county election official when person summoned does not meet qualifications of a juror: SB 6527
Local measures, ballot title appeal procedures: HB 2405
Manual recounts, counting original ballots only: HB 1917
Nonpartisan primaries, prosecuting attorney: SB 5065
Overseas voters, voting by electronic means: HB 2483, SB 6238
Overseas voters, voting over the internet: HB 1624, SHB 1624, SB 5522
Party preference on primary ballots, clarifying candidates' choices: HB 1731
President of United States, interstate agreement for election by national popular vote: HB 1350, HB 1598, SB 5204, * SB 5599, CH 264 (2009)
Presidential elections, repealing section 1A of article VI of state constitution: SJR 8208
Presidential electors, provisions concerning: HB 2715
Primary elections, ranked choice voting: SB 5536
Proof of citizenship, requirements: SB 5187
Prosecuting attorney, to be considered a nonpartisan office: SB 5065
Providing false information to voters about voting in an upcoming election: SB 5727, SSB 5727
Recall petitions, signature gathering provisions: HB 2613
Registration, preregistration of youth to vote: HB 1193
Right to vote, conditions for restoration for convicted felons: * HB 1517, CH 325 (2009), SHB 1517, SB 5534
Secret ballots, constitutional amendment guaranteeing: HJR 4211, SJR 8214
Secretary of state, reducing costs of elections division of office of: HB 2310, SB 6122, * SSB 6122, CH 415 (2009) PV
Service voters, voting by electronic means: HB 2483, SB 6238
Service voters, voting over the internet: HB 1624, SHB 1624, SB 5522
Special, changing noncharter code city's form of government: * HB 1066, CH 7 (2009), SB 5054
Special, dates they may be held modified: HB 1018, * ESHB 1018, CH 413 (2009), SB 5016
State measures and constitutional amendments, notice method and contents: HB 2311, SB 6123
Tax consequences, ballot titles to include for ballot measures: SB 6099
Top two primary election system, updating election laws: SB 5681
Unexpired terms of office, elections to fill remainder of terms for certain statewide elected officials: SB 5728
Voter registration, allowance for to include election day: HB 1798
Voter registration, modifying election notice provisions concerning deadline for: HB 2398, SB 6322
Voter registration, qualifications: SB 5213
Voter registration, qualifications and procedures: HB 1622, SB 5270, * SSB 5270, CH 369 (2009)
Voter registration, satisfactory evidence of citizenship to be required: SB 6472
Voters' pamphlet for general election, budget information to be included in: HB 2981
Voters' pamphlets, procedure for handling errors in local pamphlets: SB 5508
Voters' pamphlets, publication by county for primary, special, and general elections: SB 6797, SSB 6797
Voting age, certain seventeen year olds allowed to vote: HJR 4202
Voting by electronic means, provisions concerning overseas and service voters: HB 2483, SB 6238
Voting over the internet for service and overseas voters: HB 1624, SHB 1624, SB 5522
Voting, adopting all mail voting: HB 1572, SHB 1572, 2SHB 1572
Youth, preregistration to vote: HB 1193