Topical Index

Agricultural commodities, suspension of certain tariffs on, requesting: SJM 8011
Banking, Glass-Steagall act separation of investment and commercial, requesting: SJM 8003
Biochar, affirming research efforts to produce: HJM 4000, SJM 8005
Bridges, SR-507 over Skookumchuck river, naming as Regina Clark memorial bridge: HJM 4007, SHJM 4007
China, long-term trade agreement with, requesting work toward: SJM 8011
Election campaign contributions, regulating, U.S. constitutional amendment convention: HJM 4004, SJM 8002
Election contributions, authority to regulate, U.S. constitutional amendment: SJM 8001, SSJM 8001
Federal balanced budget, U.S. constitutional amendment for: HJM 4005, SJM 8004
Immunization, design defect claims against manufacturers, requesting that congress allow: SJM 8012
Mail service, United States, urging congress to protect: SJM 8000
Marine plastic pollution prevention, requesting action via new trade agreements with China: SJM 8009
Medicare, asking congress to include dental care coverage in: SJM 8010
Nuclear war, checks and balances to reduce risk, urging congress to establish: HJM 4008, SJM 8006
Puerto Rico, requesting incorporation into U.S. by congress of: HJM 4009
Sea lions, managing through hunting or bounty programs, U.S. constitutional amendment: HJM 4001
State of Liberty, creating from eastern Washington, petitioning congress for consent: HJM 4003
Tobacco and vapor products, sale to persons under 21, federal legislation to prohibit: SJM 8008
U.S. constitutional amendment convention, certain applications for a, rescinding: HJM 4006
U.S. government and congress, limits on, U.S. constitutional amendment convention: HJM 4002, SJM 8007
Vaccination, design defect claims against manufacturers, requesting that congress allow: SJM 8012
Capital budget, limiting debt proceeds use to capital purposes, constitutional amendment: HJR 4205
Catastrophic incidents, continuity of governmental operations, constitutional amendment: HJR 4200, SJR 8200
Fee increases, constitutional amendment to require simple majority: HJR 4206
Infrastructure bank, Washington state, constitutional amendment to create: SJR 8209
Initiatives, approval, majority vote in each of majority of counties, constitutional amendment: HJR 4202
Initiatives, effective date, subject to county electing not to implement, constitutional amendment: HJR 4204
Law practice and justice, functions regarding, shifting to supreme court: HJR 4207
Legislative session, regular, excluding public holidays from, constitutional amendment: SJR 8203
Operating budget, state balanced budget requirement, constitutional amendment: HJR 4205, SJR 8207
Property tax levy, state, limiting residential real property value subject to, constitutional amendment: HJR 4208
Property taxes, homestead exemption from, constitutional amendment to allow: SJR 8208
Public works assistance account, constitutional amendment on deposits and withdrawals: SSJR 8209
Right to fish, hunt, and harvest wildlife, not to be infringed, constitutional amendment: SJR 8204
School district bonds, at least 55% of voters to authorize, constitutional amendment: SJR 8202
School district bonds, simple majority to authorize, constitutional amendment: HB 1184, HJR 4203, SJR 8201, SSJR 8201
Supreme court justices, number, election, and terms of, constitutional amendment: HJR 4201
Tax court, authorizing, constitutional amendment: SJR 8205
Tax increase legislation, constitutional amendment to require two-thirds majority: HJR 4206
Vehicle and trailer purchases, sales/use tax revenue highway use, constitutional amendment: SJR 8206
Vehicle miles traveled fee or other charges, for highway purposes, constitutional amendment: SSJR 8206
Administrative law judges, collective bargaining for: HB 2017
Collective bargaining, judges/commissioners, "public employee" exclusion: HB 1333
Contact information, of judge, disclosure, crime of: HB 2019
District and municipal, disputes between elected/appointed officials, mediation: SB 5560, SSB 5560
District and municipal, notices of disqualification of: HB 1305
Elected persons, judicial branch, high school assessments completion by: HB 1478
Judicial assistants, hiring by courts of record or superior courts judges: HB 1977
Judiciary, state of the, joint legislative session for message: * SCR 8401 (2019)
Justice and law practice, functions regarding, shifting to supreme court: HB 1788, HJR 4207
Superior court judges, disputes between elected/appointed officials, mediation: SB 5560, SSB 5560
Superior court judges, increasing number in certain counties: SB 5450, SSB 5450
Supreme court, justices, number, election, and terms of: HB 1081, HJR 4201
               (See also COURTS)
Consumer debt, exemption from execution, attachment, and garnishment, when: HB 1602, SHB 1602
Consumer debt, interest on and garnishment of: HB 1602, SHB 1602
Medical debt, exemption from execution, attachment, and garnishment, when: HB 1531, SB 5530
Medical debt, protections for debtors: SHB 1531
               (See also ETHICS IN GOVERNMENT)
Postemployment disclosure statements, process and requirements: HB 1067, SHB 1067, SB 5033
Child welfare housing assistance program, establishing: HB 1749, SB 5718, SSB 5718
Community facilities, juveniles in, infraction policy: HB 1740, SHB 1740, SB 5815, SSB 5815
Community juvenile accountability act advisory committee, definition: HB 2064
Community juvenile accountability programs, referred youth and funding: HB 1246, SHB 1246, ESB 5429
Community-based rehabilitation, family and youth development programs as: HB 2064
Custodial assault, with prior conviction, discretionary decline hearing: HB 2064, SB 5880
Decline hearings, discretionary, provisions: HB 2064, SB 5880
Dependency and termination petitions, caseload forecasting of: HB 2083, SB 5942
Dependency proceedings, family reconciliation and reunification services: HB 1900, SB 5826
Dependency proceedings, hearsay evidence by child under 16, admissibility: SB 5885, SSB 5885
Dependency proceedings, permanency planning, "bonding and best interest": HB 2028
Dependency proceedings, placement with foster parent or other caregiver: HB 2027
Dependency proceedings, shelter care hearing, factors for consideration: SB 5892
Dependent child, parent of, certificate of parental improvement for, role of: HB 1645, SHB 1645, SB 5533, SSB 5533
Dependent children, under age 3, "baby court" for, initiating: SB 5494, SSB 5494
Detention facilities, solitary confinement, monitoring use: HB 2080
Detention facilities, uniformed personnel binding interest arbitration: SB 5199
Drive-by shooting, at age 16-17, sentencing range: HB 2064, SB 5880
Early release, when crimes committed before age 18, petitioning for: HB 1540
Education opportunities, postsecondary: HB 2064
Educational programs and outcomes, institutional, joint task force on improving: HB 2116
Employment pathways work group, establishing: HB 2064
Evidence, hearsay, by child under 16 concerning human trafficking: SB 5885, SSB 5885
Evidence-based services, interdisciplinary work group, convening: HB 2064
Firearm possession, unlawful, interventions and sentences for: HB 1855
Gangs, youth involvement, el camino nuevo pilot projects in E. Washington: HB 1895, SB 5945
Guardians ad litem, for child, fingerprint background checks: SB 5895
Internet, secure access/digital learning, juveniles serving term of confinement: HB 2064
Offenders, age range for possible adjudication, modifying: SB 5735
Offenders, convicted in adult court, juvenile facility placement: HB 1646, SHB 1646, E2SHB 1646, SB 5737
Offenders, excluding juvenile offenses from offender scores: HB 1896
Offenders, impact of juvenile offenses on offender scores: SHB 1896
Offenders, minimum security confinement, participation in programs: HB 1740, SHB 1740, SB 5815, SSB 5815
Offenders, sentenced in adult court, court's discretion: SB 5488, SSB 5488
Offenders, sentenced in adult court, serving enhancements concurrently: SB 5488, SSB 5488
Persistent offenders, excluding convictions before age 18 for sentencing as: SB 5491
Preapprenticeship training programs, mobile construction, confined juveniles: HB 2064
Prevention and family services and programs: HB 1900, SB 5826
Protection orders, extreme risk, against person under 18: HB 1774, SB 5027, ESSB 5027, SB 5072
Records, administrative sealing of, conditions: SB 5182, SSB 5182
Records, administrative sealing of, to include drug offense records: SB 5837
Rehabilitation institutions, students needing special education assessment in: SB 5962
Rehabilitation services, provisions: HB 2064
Release, safe release plan into safe and stable housing, or rental voucher: SB 5700
Robbery, first degree, at age 16-17, sentencing range: HB 2064, SB 5880
Sex offenders, registration waiver under special disposition alternative: SB 5351, SSB 5351
Sexually explicit or intimate images of minors, minors possessing/dealing in: HB 1742, SHB 1742
Solitary confinement, limiting and monitoring use: HB 2080
Street youth, services for, DCYF role: HB 1657, SB 5470
Students, sex or violent offenders, district/school notification requirements: HB 1191, SHB 1191, SB 5554
Truancy, detention for failure to comply with court order, eliminating: HB 1106, SHB 1106, HB 1434, SHB 1434, SB 5290, SSB 5290
Truancy, multiple approaches: HB 1106, SHB 1106
Voting districts, offender's last known address, redistricting commission use: SB 5287, SSB 5287
Youth courts, jurisdiction over civil infractions by juveniles: SB 5640
Youth, at-risk, detention for failure to comply with court order, eliminating: SHB 1106, HB 1434, SHB 1434, SB 5290, SSB 5290
Youth, at-risk, family assessment and petition: SHB 1106