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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Boehnke (2023-24)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SSB 5518 Docs f Cybersecurity C 124 L 23 04/20/2023 Boehnke HB 1464(H State Govt & T)
2SSB 5660 Docs f# Mental health adv directives C 374 L 24 03/29/2024 Boehnke
E2SSB 6068 Docs af Dependency outcome reporting C 326 L 24 03/28/2024 Boehnke
ESB 6296 Docs f Retail industry work group C 43 L 24 03/13/2024 Boehnke
ESSB 5891 Docs af# School bus trespass C 302 L 24 03/26/2024 Boehnke HB 2133(H Community Safe)
SB 5166 Docs f Cooperative finance org. B&O C 317 L 23 05/04/2023 Boehnke HB 1191(H Rules X)
SB 5167 Docs EFSEC/alt. energy processing S Environment, E 01/09/2023 Boehnke
SB 5168 Docs f Energy independence act S Environment, E 01/09/2023 Boehnke
SB 5594 Docs f# Fully autonomous vehicles S Transportation 01/27/2023 Boehnke
SB 5659 Docs f# Gas companies/renewable res. S Environment, E 02/01/2023 Boehnke
SB 5661 Docs Skill center class sizes S EL/K-12 02/01/2023 Boehnke
SB 5721 Docs f Advanced aerospace training S Ways & Means 02/17/2023 Boehnke
SB 5752 Docs Procurement/jt. op. agencies S Environment, E 02/20/2023 Boehnke
SB 5754 Docs Agricultural real estate S Law & Justice 02/22/2023 Boehnke
SB 5755 Docs f# Unmanned aircraft/government S Law & Justice 02/22/2023 Boehnke
SB 5761 Docs Broadband equipment/tax S Environment, E 03/22/2023 Boehnke HB 1848(H Finance)
SB 5762 Docs State berry, blueberry S State Govt & E 03/23/2023 Boehnke
SB 5957 Docs f AI use guidelines S Environment, E 01/08/2024 Boehnke
SB 5958 Docs f Career skills grant program S Higher Ed & Wo 01/08/2024 Boehnke
SB 6079 Docs f# Juv. detention/health recs. C 99 L 24 03/14/2024 Boehnke
SB 6080 Docs d Tourism marketing funding C 130 L 24 03/15/2024 Boehnke HB 1896(H Rules X)
SB 6083 Docs f# Jail system S Human Services 01/09/2024 Boehnke HB 2473(H Community Safe)
SB 6141 Docs fd Public infra. assistance prg S State Govt & E 01/10/2024 Boehnke
SB 6188 Docs Aerial firefighting/permits S Environment, E 01/19/2024 Boehnke HB 2117(H Rules X)
SB 6225 Docs Wind energy siting/military S Environment, E 01/15/2024 Boehnke
SB 6289 Docs 16&17 y/o employ. work group S Labor & Comm 01/22/2024 Boehnke HB 2406(H Labor & Workpl)
SR 8631 Docs Intelligent Mademoiselles S Adopted 03/27/2023 Boehnke
SSB 6273 Docs f Juvenile rehab. audit S Ways & Means 01/31/2024 Boehnke

Total Count: 28

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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