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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Nguyen (2023-24)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2ESSB 5284 Docs fo Campaign finance disclosure H State Govt & T 02/14/2024 Nguyen
E2SSB 5838 Docs fd AI task force H ConsPro&Bus 02/10/2024 Nguyen HB 1934(H Rules X)
E2SSB 6058 Docs fd Carbon market linkage H Env & Energy 02/15/2024 Nguyen HB 2201(H Rules X)
SB 5285 Docs fd Caseload forecast/tax credit S Rules X 03/10/2023 Nguyen HB 1218(C 244 L 23)
SB 5446 Docs Firearms/local government S Law & Justice 01/18/2023 Nguyen HB 1178(H Civil R & Judi)
SB 5554 Docs f College grant award amounts S Ways & Means 02/16/2023 Nguyen
SB 5607 Docs f Fashion/env. policies S Environment, E 01/27/2023 Nguyen
SB 5832 Docs Campaign finance/foreign S State Govt & E 01/08/2024 Nguyen HB 1885(H State Govt & T)
SB 5839 Docs fd Working families' tax credit S Ways & Means 01/08/2024 Nguyen HB 1895(S Pres Signed)
SB 5843 Docs f#d Election security breaches H Exec Action 02/20/2024 Nguyen
SB 5965 Docs f Fashion/environmental impact S Environment, E 01/08/2024 Nguyen HB 2068(H Env & Energy)
SB 6223 Docs fo School director compensation S EL/K-12 01/15/2024 Nguyen
SB 6303 Docs f Energy storage manufacturing S Ways & Means 01/31/2024 Nguyen
SR 8605 Docs Lunar new year S Adopted 01/20/2023 Nguyen
SR 8643 Docs Gary Wilburn S Adopted 04/17/2023 Nguyen
SR 8665 Docs Lunar New Year S Adopted 02/05/2024 Nguyen
SSB 5165 Docs af#e Electric transm. planning C 229 L 23 05/03/2023 Nguyen HB 1192(H Rules X)
SSB 5182 Docs af# Candidate filing C 394 L 23 05/09/2023 Nguyen
SSB 5366 Docs f#d Utility shutoffs/heat S Rules X 03/10/2023 Nguyen HB 1329(H subst for)
SSB 5380 Docs Clean energy siting S Ways & Means 02/13/2023 Nguyen HB 1216(H subst for)
SSB 5562 Docs f Clean energy S Ways & Means 02/15/2023 Nguyen HB 1589(H subst for)
SSB 6052 Docs fe Petroleum product supply S Ways & Means 01/31/2024 Nguyen HB 2232(H Env & Energy)
SSB 6060 Docs Electronic signatures/PERC H Rules R 02/20/2024 Nguyen

Total Count: 23

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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