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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Rivers (2023-24)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
ESSB 5716 Docs f In-home services surveys S Rules X 02/15/2024 Rivers
ESSB 6286 Docs f Nurse anesthetist workforce C 363 L 24 03/29/2024 Rivers HB 2462(H HC/Wellness)
SB 5069 Docs af Interstate cannabis agrmts. C 264 L 23 05/04/2023 Rivers
SB 5163 Docs fd Medicaid fraud false claims C 90 L 23 04/14/2023 Rivers
SB 5184 Docs af Anesthesiologist assistants C 362 L 24 03/29/2024 Rivers HB 1038(H HC/Wellness)
SB 5445 Docs f Prescription cost-sharing S Health & Long 01/18/2023 Rivers HB 1465(H HC/Wellness)
SB 5549 Docs Electric security alarms S Loc Gov, Land 01/25/2023 Rivers
SB 5571 Docs Public records act requests S State Govt & E 01/26/2023 Rivers HB 1597(H State Govt & T)
SB 5704 Docs Fund-raising activities S Business, Fin 02/06/2023 Rivers
SB 5745 Docs Use of a stolen firearm S Law & Justice 02/15/2023 Rivers
SB 6148 Docs f Quality of care metrics S Rules 3 03/07/2024 Rivers
SB 6182 Docs f Obesity Rx coverage S Health & Long 01/11/2024 Rivers
SB 6183 Docs Fund-raising events S Business, Fin 01/11/2024 Rivers
SB 6184 Docs Deepfake AI material/minors S Law & Justice 01/11/2024 Rivers
SB 6190 Docs f Fund-raising activities S Business, Fin 01/11/2024 Rivers
SB 6209 Docs Hemp consumable products S Ag/Water/Natur 01/12/2024 Rivers
SB 6214 Docs Animal cruelty/seriousness S Law & Justice 01/15/2024 Rivers HB 1961(C 55 L 24)
SB 6230 Docs f# Tax increment areas S Loc Gov, Land 01/15/2024 Rivers HB 2354(H subst for)
SB 6244 Docs Pain medications S Health & Long 01/16/2024 Rivers
SJM 8004 Docs Constitutional convention S State Govt & E 01/23/2023 Rivers HJM 4002(H State Govt & T)
SR 8639 Docs National donate life month S Adopted 04/05/2023 Rivers
SR 8655 Docs Pete Carroll S Adopted 02/09/2024 Rivers
SR 8656 Docs National donate life month S Adopted 02/15/2024 Rivers
SR 8669 Docs National Wear Red Day S Adopted 02/15/2024 Rivers
SSB 5377 Docs f Cannabis license ownership S Rules X 02/15/2024 Rivers HB 1341(H Reg Subst & Ga)
SSB 5388 Docs f Diversity in clinical trials S Rules X 01/08/2024 Rivers
SSB 5569 Docs Kidney disease centers C 48 L 23 04/06/2023 Rivers

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a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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