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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Warnick (2023-24)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SSB 5663 Docs f# Abandoned vehicle auctions S Rules 2 02/26/2024 Warnick
3SSB 5438 Docs f Supportive relationships S Rules X 02/15/2024 Warnick
ESB 5691 Docs Resource & assess. centers S Rules X 02/15/2024 Warnick HB 1685(H Rules X)
SB 5113 Docs fd Dental school faculty C 89 L 23 04/14/2023 Warnick HB 1327(H Rules X)
SB 5449 Docs School buses/other use S Transportation 01/18/2023 Warnick
SB 5450 Docs Parenting plans S Law & Justice 01/18/2023 Warnick
SB 5698 Docs State cactus S State Govt & E 02/03/2023 Warnick
SB 5992 Docs f Water supply/energy sites S Environment, E 01/08/2024 Warnick HB 2042(H Env & Energy)
SB 6219 Docs f# Agritourism S Loc Gov, Land 01/15/2024 Warnick
SB 6240 Docs f Jet fuel tax preferences S Ways & Means 01/31/2024 Warnick HB 2410(H Finance)
SB 6259 Docs Livestock market sales S Ag/Water/Natur 01/17/2024 Warnick
SB 6260 Docs Landowner's lessee/penalties S Ag/Water/Natur 01/17/2024 Warnick HB 2074(H Rules 3C)
SCR 8413 Docs New Newhouse Building naming S State Govt & E 01/08/2024 Warnick
SSB 5013 Docs f Wine/alcohol tax exemption S Ways & Means 01/31/2024 Warnick HB 1182(H Finance)
SSB 5439 Docs Livestock identification C 46 L 23 04/06/2023 Warnick
SSB 5460 Docs a Irrigation & rehab districts C 371 L 23 05/09/2023 Warnick HB 1494(H Rules X)
SSB 5517 Docs f# Water resource mitigation S Ways & Means 01/12/2024 Warnick
SSB 5785 Docs ad WDFW/volunteer organizations C 160 L 24 03/18/2024 Warnick
SSB 6047 Docs a OPMA executive sessions/CCA C 277 L 24 03/26/2024 Warnick HB 2173(H Rules X)
SSB 6261 Docs Theft from first responders S Rules X 02/15/2024 Warnick

Total Count: 20

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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