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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Paul (2021-22)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
E2SHB 1760 Docs f Dual credit program access H Rules 3C 03/10/2022 Paul
ESHB 1176 Docs afo Student fines and fees C 120 L 21 04/26/2021 Paul
ESHB 1733 Docs f Long-term care/exemptions C 2 L 22 01/27/2022 Paul
ESHB 2018 Docs f# Sales and use tax holiday H Rules 3C 03/10/2022 Paul
HB 1415 Docs f Skill center class size H Approps 01/28/2021 Paul
HB 1519 Docs Levy shifts/court rulings H Finance 02/10/2021 Paul
HB 1700 Docs fd Derelict vessel removal C 124 L 22 03/24/2022 Paul SB 5598(S Ways & Means)
HB 1804 Docs fo Military service credit H Rules 3C 03/10/2022 Paul SB 5726(S Rules 3)
HB 1805 Docs af Opportunity scholarship prog C 211 L 22 03/30/2022 Paul SB 5797(S Higher Ed & Wo)
SHB 1867 Docs f Dual credit program data C 75 L 22 03/17/2022 Paul

Total Count: 10

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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