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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Stanford (2019-20)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
ESSB 6440 Docs af Workers' comp medical exam C 213 L 20 03/27/2020 Stanford HB 2689(H Labor & Workpl)
ESSB 6473 Docs af# Asbestos building materials C 100 L 20 03/19/2020 Stanford
SB 6057 Docs f Marijuana price differential S Rules 3 03/12/2020 Stanford
SB 6085 Docs f Marijuana business access S Labor & Commer 01/13/2020 Stanford HB 2263(H Commerce & Gam)
SB 6221 Docs Dogs and cats S Labor & Commer 01/13/2020 Stanford HB 2344(H ConsPro&Bus)
SB 6269 Docs f Cannabidiol products S Labor & Commer 01/14/2020 Stanford HB 2300(H Commerce & Gam)
SB 6341 Docs f Liquor rules interpretations S Ways & Means 02/07/2020 Stanford HB 2510(H Commerce & Gam)
SB 6425 Docs f Amer. Indian cultural study S Rules X 02/24/2020 Stanford HB 2891(H Coll & Wkf Dev)
SB 6441 Docs Unemployment/lockout S Labor & Commer 01/16/2020 Stanford
SB 6524 Docs o Horse racing commission S Labor & Commer 01/21/2020 Stanford
SB 6551 Docs f International medical grads C 325 L 20 04/02/2020 Stanford
SB 6589 Docs f Cannabis commission S Labor & Commer 01/23/2020 Stanford
SB 6627 Docs f# Single-use food service S Environment, E 01/27/2020 Stanford HB 2656(H Approps)
SB 6657 Docs Marijuana advertising S Labor & Commer 01/30/2020 Stanford HB 2350(H Commerce & Gam)
SB 6668 Docs f Services and activities fees S Rules X 02/24/2020 Stanford
SB 6675 Docs Railroad grade crossings S Transportation 02/04/2020 Stanford HB 2923(H Rules R)
SB 6689 Docs Video games/addiction mech. S Labor & Commer 02/14/2020 Stanford
SB 6701 Docs Child marriage S Law & Justice 03/10/2020 Stanford
SJR 8218 Docs Property tax relief S Ways & Means 02/06/2020 Stanford HJR 4211(H Finance)
SSB 6405 Docs CTC full-, part-time faculty S Rules X 02/24/2020 Stanford
SSB 6414 Docs Utility connection charges S Rules X 02/24/2020 Stanford HB 2629(H subst for)
SSB 6476 Docs f Correctional services access C 319 L 20 04/02/2020 Stanford
SSB 6552 Docs f Workers comp waiting period S Rules X 02/24/2020 Stanford

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a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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