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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Chapman (2019-20)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
E3SHB 1324 Docs af# Rural development, zones C 336 L 19 PV 05/09/2019 Chapman SB 5423(S Ways & Means)
HB 1086 Docs f# Public defense funding H Approps 01/29/2019 Chapman SB 5098(S Law & Justice)
HB 1147 Docs f# First informer broadcasters C 207 L 19 04/30/2019 Chapman SB 5186(S Rules X)
HB 1228 Docs fd Fish barrier removal funding H Trans 04/02/2019 Chapman SB 5130(S Transportation)
HB 1249 Docs f B&O tax/manuf. & timber H RDev, Ag&NR 01/17/2019 Chapman
HB 1438 Docs Unemployment/apprentices H Labor & Workpl 01/22/2019 Chapman SB 5398(C 50 L 19)
HB 1443 Docs f Tax preferences/mass timber H Finance 02/14/2019 Chapman SB 5467(S Rules X)
HB 1568 Docs f# Port district worker dev. C 117 L 19 04/24/2019 Chapman SB 5570(S Rules X)
HB 1589 Docs f Correctional emps/firearms C 231 L 19 04/30/2019 Chapman
HB 1647 Docs fd Pilot rest periods C 123 L 19 04/24/2019 Chapman SB 5563(S Rules X)
HB 1663 Docs f# License plate recognition H Trans 01/28/2019 Chapman SB 5529(S Law & Justice)
HB 1829 Docs f# Veterans' assistance levies H Rules 3C 03/12/2020 Chapman
HB 1843 Docs f Railroad workers H Rules C 03/21/2019 Chapman SB 5879(S Labor & Commer)
HB 2121 Docs f Forest products B&O tax rate H Rules X 01/21/2020 Chapman
HB 2385 Docs fd Antifouling paints H Env & Energy 01/13/2020 Chapman
HB 2667 Docs f Energy code/residential H Local Govt 01/17/2020 Chapman SB 6681(S Environment, E)
HB 2680 Docs f Emerg. mgmt. council/tribes H Rules 3C 03/12/2020 Chapman SB 6346(S Rules X)
HB 2703 Docs Public records act/judiciary H State Govt & T 01/20/2020 Chapman SB 6438(S State Govt/Tri)
HB 2763 Docs f DOC employee interest arb. C 89 L 20 03/19/2020 Chapman SB 6456(S Labor & Commer)
HB 2848 Docs af# Hog fuel sales tax exemption Gov vetoed V 04/03/2020 Chapman SB 6665(S Ways & Means)
HB 2903 Docs f Auto dealers/cash incentives Gov vetoed V 04/03/2020 Chapman SB 6654(S Rules 2)
HB 2962 Docs f# Data center tax incentive H Finance 03/02/2020 Chapman SB 6695(S Ways & Means)
SHB 1348 Docs f B&O tax provisions H Finance 02/06/2019 Chapman
SHB 1487 Docs d Elevators H Rules X 01/21/2020 Chapman SB 5471(S subst for)
SHB 1946 Docs f Community forests H Cap Budget 01/13/2020 Chapman SB 5873(S subst for)
SHB 2683 Docs f Local wine industry license H Rules R 02/07/2020 Chapman SB 6392(S subst for)

Total Count: 26

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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