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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Griffey (2019-20)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
ESHB 2783 Docs f# On-demand gasoline providers C 43 L 20 03/18/2020 Griffey
HB 1159 Docs f# Definition of theft H Rules C 02/21/2020 Griffey SB 5248(S Law & Justice)
HB 1232 Docs Hydroelectricity/renewable H Env & Energy 01/17/2019 Griffey
HB 1233 Docs f# GMA/use of science H Env & Energy 01/17/2019 Griffey
HB 1234 Docs f# Sex offenses/eliminate SOL H Public Safety 01/17/2019 Griffey
HB 1235 Docs Providing harmful material H Public Safety 01/17/2019 Griffey
HB 1287 Docs f Natural areas H Cap Budget 01/18/2019 Griffey SB 5103(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1790 Docs f# Housing/urban growth areas H Finance 01/31/2019 Griffey SB 5739(S subst for)
HB 2260 Docs f# Dependency proceeding notice H H Svcs & Erly 01/13/2020 Griffey
HB 2449 Docs af# Commissioner compensation C 83 L 20 03/19/2020 Griffey
HB 2655 Docs fo Pensions/"period of war" H Approps 01/16/2020 Griffey SB 6418(S Rules X)
HB 2909 Docs f Discover pass elimination H Approps 01/31/2020 Griffey
HB 2910 Docs Sexual predator release H Public Safety 01/31/2020 Griffey SB 6436(S Human Svcs, Re)
SHB 1170 Docs af# Fire service mobilization C 259 L 19 05/07/2019 Griffey SB 5019(S Rules X)
SHB 1222 Docs PUD contracting H Rules X 01/21/2020 Griffey SB 5191(S Local Governme)
SHB 1231 Docs f# Sex offenses/modify SOL H Rules X 01/21/2020 Griffey
SHB 2889 Docs a Utility tax disclosures C 135 L 20 03/25/2020 Griffey

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a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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