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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Liias (2017-18)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
E2SSB 6029 Docs fd Student loan bill of rights C 62 L 18 03/15/2018 Liias
ESB 5450 Docs f Mass timber for building C 29 L 18 03/09/2018 Liias
ESR 8678 Docs Rules S Adopted 01/08/2018 Liias
ESSB 5145 Docs f Private label alcohol sales S Labor & Commer 01/08/2018 Liias HB 1119(H Commerce & Gam)
ESSB 5449 Docs f Digital citizenship C 90 L 17 04/20/2017 Liias
ESSB 5729 Docs o Legislative technology admin S Rules X 02/22/2018 Liias HB 2028(H Rules R)
SB 5146 Docs f# PTBAs/job order contracts S Rules X 01/08/2018 Liias HB 1395(C 136 L 17)
SB 5210 Docs fd Student loan bill of rights S Higher Ed & Wo 01/08/2018 Liias HB 1440(H subst for)
SB 5382 Docs f Reduced cost identicards C 122 L 17 04/25/2017 Liias
SB 5390 Docs fd Vacation/ferry employees S Transportation 01/23/2017 Liias HB 1530(C 168 L 17)
SB 5568 Docs f Tuition freeze S Higher Ed & Wo 01/08/2018 Liias
SB 5722 Docs af Conversion therapy C 300 L 18 03/28/2018 Liias
SB 5812 Docs f# Wheelchair-access./for hires S Transportation 02/14/2017 Liias
SB 5907 Docs Transit agency integration S Transportation 03/22/2017 Liias HB 2151(H Trans)
SB 6061 Docs f Ferry natural gas conversion S Transportation 01/08/2018 Liias HB 2400(H Trans)
SB 6200 Docs f# Primary election age S State Govt/Tri 01/10/2018 Liias
SB 6201 Docs f Open ed. resources project S Rules 3 03/08/2018 Liias
SB 6202 Docs f# Election security practices S State Govt/Tri 01/10/2018 Liias HB 2406(H subst for)
SB 6282 Docs Benchmark rate/comm services S Health & Long 01/11/2018 Liias
SB 6564 Docs Individual health market S Health & Long 01/25/2018 Liias HB 2408(H subst for)
SCR 8407 Docs Cutoff dates S Filed Sec/St 01/17/2018 Liias
SJM 8012 Docs Chechnya persecution victims S State Govt/Tri 01/08/2018 Liias
SR 8608 Docs Mukilteo shooting victims S Adopted 01/30/2017 Liias
SR 8609 Docs Amending Senate rules Liias
SR 8659 Docs Rules/WM leaders per diem Liias
SR 8660 Docs Rules/WM chair in Olympia Liias
SR 8661 Docs Rules/threshold to change Liias
SR 8664 Docs Mukilteo Boys & Girls Club S Adopted 06/01/2017 Liias
SR 8666 Docs Mike Lowry S Adopted 06/13/2017 Liias
SR 8675 Docs Finland independence, 100th S Adopted 06/28/2017 Liias
SR 8679 Docs Senate organized, ready S Adopted 01/08/2018 Liias
SR 8722 Docs Nordic Heritage Museum S Adopted 02/26/2018 Liias
SR 8732 Docs Rep. Judy Clibborn S Adopted 03/08/2018 Liias
SSB 5402 Docs af Bicyclist safety council C 324 L 17 05/16/2017 Liias EHB 1795(H Trans)
SSB 5766 Docs Bullying, etc., in schools S Rules 3 03/08/2018 Liias
SSB 6066 Docs f Tow trucks/cell phone use S Rules 3 03/08/2018 Liias HB 2706(H Trans)
SSB 6142 Docs Limited jdx. court comm'rs S Rules 3 03/08/2018 Liias
SSB 6473 Docs f Rental dwelling unit fires S Rules 3 03/08/2018 Liias HB 2864(H Rules C)
SSB 6522 Docs f Work restrictions S Ways & Means 02/02/2018 Liias

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a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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