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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Rolfes (2017-18)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
ESSB 5084 Docs af Breast health information C 122 L 18 03/21/2018 Rolfes
ESSB 6032 Docs ad Supp. operating budget C 299 L 18 PV 03/27/2018 Rolfes HB 2299(H subst for)
ESSB 6034 Docs af PUD retail telecom. service C 186 L 18 03/22/2018 Rolfes HB 2662(H Tech & Econ D)
ESSB 6434 Docs f# Electric-assisted bicycles C 60 L 18 03/13/2018 Rolfes HB 2782(H Rules R)
SB 5117 Docs f Military students/extracurr. S EL/K-12 01/13/2017 Rolfes
SB 5118 Docs f Personal needs allowance C 270 L 17 05/10/2017 Rolfes HB 1772(H Approps)
SB 5139 Docs Telecom. services/PUDs S Energy, Enviro 01/08/2018 Rolfes HB 1938(H Tech & Econ D)
SB 5183 Docs f Career & technical education S Ways & Means 02/16/2017 Rolfes HB 1282(H Approps)
SB 5306 Docs f Commercial fish receivers C 89 L 17 04/20/2017 Rolfes
SB 5392 Docs f# Ferry advisory committees S Rules X 03/21/2017 Rolfes HB 1528(H Trans)
SB 5432 Docs f Special ed. funding alloc. S EL/K-12 01/24/2017 Rolfes
SB 5459 Docs fe Beginning educator support S EL/K-12 01/25/2017 Rolfes HB 1601(H Approps)
SB 5461 Docs f Paternity disestablish./DNA S Rules X 03/21/2017 Rolfes
SB 5547 Docs fo Educator professional growth S Rules X 03/17/2017 Rolfes HB 1732(C 16 L 17)
SB 5622 Docs Career readiness education S EL/K-12 02/01/2017 Rolfes
SB 5623 Docs Basic education program S Ways & Means 02/01/2017 Rolfes HB 1843(H subst for)
SB 5661 Docs af LEOFF interr. service credit C 188 L 17 05/04/2017 Rolfes
SB 5860 Docs f Electrical trainee certific. S Labor & Commer 01/08/2018 Rolfes HB 2123(H Labor & Workpl)
SB 5951 Docs o High school graduation reqs S EL/K-12 06/13/2017 Rolfes HB 2224(H subst for)
SB 6023 Docs VA health plan reimbursement S Health & Long 01/08/2018 Rolfes HB 2397(H HC/Wellness)
SB 6136 Docs fo AP computer science as math C 73 L 18 03/15/2018 Rolfes HB 2491(H Education)
SB 6235 Docs fd Forest practices pre. review S Ag/Water/Natur 01/10/2018 Rolfes
SB 6356 Docs Unmanned aircraft operation S Law & Justice 01/12/2018 Rolfes
SB 6477 Docs f# Voluntary alt. energy option S Energy, Enviro 01/19/2018 Rolfes HB 2413(H Rules C)
SB 6580 Docs f HIV testing C 158 L 18 03/21/2018 Rolfes
SB 6600 Docs Fiscal matters T.O. S Ways & Means 02/05/2018 Rolfes
SR 8623 Docs Gina Grant Bull S Adopted 02/22/2017 Rolfes
SR 8624 Docs Amanda Rohrkemper S Adopted 02/24/2017 Rolfes
SR 8625 Docs Sandra G. Wibbels S Adopted 02/24/2017 Rolfes
SR 8715 Docs Navy S Adopted 02/21/2018 Rolfes
SSB 5529 Docs Dual language/early & K-12 S Rules X 03/17/2017 Rolfes HB 1445(H subst for)
SSB 5648 Docs Vehicular homicide S Rules X 02/22/2018 Rolfes
SSB 6022 Docs Contractor bonding/transit S Rules X 02/22/2018 Rolfes HB 2317(H subst for)
SSB 6107 Docs f# Electric motorcycle fees S Rules 3 03/08/2018 Rolfes
SSB 6174 Docs d Budget stabilization account S Rules 03/08/2018 Rolfes HB 2470(H Approps)
SSB 6419 Docs af Early childhood ed & assist C 155 L 18 03/21/2018 Rolfes
SSB 6549 Docs f Disabled children/dentistry C 156 L 18 03/21/2018 Rolfes
SSB 6575 Docs Protected lands/fire levies S Rules X 02/22/2018 Rolfes

Total Count: 38

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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