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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Cody (2017-18)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2ESHB 1340 Docs Sub use disorder prof pract H Rules 3C 03/08/2018 Cody
2ESHB 1388 Docs fe Behavioral health authority C 201 L 18 03/22/2018 Cody SB 5259(S Ways & Means)
2ESHB 2114 Docs fo Out-of-network health srvs H Rules 3C 03/08/2018 Cody
2SHB 1338 Docs f State health insurance pool C 110 L 17 04/25/2017 Cody SB 5253(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 2572 Docs Sub. use disorder coverage H Rules 3C 03/08/2018 Cody
EHCR 4400 Docs f Helen Sommers Building H Filed Sec/St 01/30/2018 Cody
ESHB 1339 Docs f Opioid drug prescriptions H HC/Wellness 01/08/2018 Cody
ESHB 1427 Docs a Opioid treatment programs C 297 L 17 05/16/2017 Cody
ESHB 1714 Docs af# Nursing staffing/hospitals C 249 L 17 05/08/2017 Cody
ESHB 1753 Docs d Mental health professionals H Judiciary 01/08/2018 Cody SB 5580(S Rules X)
ESHB 2222 Docs ao Health insurance market info C 30 L 17 E3 07/07/2017 Cody SB 5950(S Health & Long)
ESHB 2356 Docs Stem cell therapies C 216 L 18 03/22/2018 Cody
ESHB 2408 Docs af Individual health market C 219 L 18 03/22/2018 Cody SB 6564(S Health & Long)
ESHB 2489 Docs f#e Opioid use disorder H Rules 3C 03/08/2018 Cody SB 6150(S Rules X)
HB 1117 Docs fo Health care balance billing H HC/Wellness 01/11/2017 Cody SB 5619(S Health & Long)
HB 1354 Docs f DSHS/long-term care settings H HC/Wellness 01/18/2017 Cody SB 5406(S Health & Long)
HB 1721 Docs fd LPN clinical experience C 203 L 17 05/05/2017 Cody SB 5516(S Health & Long)
HB 1810 Docs f Duty to warn/mental health H Judiciary 01/30/2017 Cody ESB 5800(S Law & Justice)
HB 2272 Docs fd Opiate prescriptions H HC/Wellness 01/08/2018 Cody SB 6050(S Health & Long)
HB 2313 Docs f Chiropractic QAC authority C 215 L 18 03/22/2018 Cody SB 6156(S Health & Long)
HB 2409 Docs Reproductive health coverage H HC/Wellness 01/08/2018 Cody
HB 2426 Docs fd Individual provider admin. H HC/Wellness 01/09/2018 Cody SB 6199(S subst for)
HB 2438 Docs fo School employees' benefits H Approps 01/09/2018 Cody SB 6241(S subst for)
HB 2888 Docs f Workplace bullying H Approps 02/02/2018 Cody
HB 2905 Docs Diaper sales and use tax ex. H Finance 01/23/2018 Cody
SHB 1364 Docs f Practice of dental therapy H Approps 02/17/2017 Cody SB 5224(S Health & Long)
SHB 1411 Docs f Dental licensure/residency C 100 L 17 04/21/2017 Cody
SHB 1413 Docs Mental health record discl. H HC/Wellness 01/08/2018 Cody SB 5435(S subst for)
SHB 1671 Docs fd Daily living assistance C 201 L 17 05/05/2017 Cody SB 5510(S Health & Long)
SHB 1854 Docs Skilled nursing transition H HC/Wellness 01/08/2018 Cody
SHB 2264 Docs Hospitals/ARNPs & PAs H Rules 3C 03/08/2018 Cody SB 6067(S Health & Long)
SHB 2355 Docs o Health reinsurance program H Rules C 02/19/2018 Cody SB 6062(S Rules 2)
SHB 2516 Docs f Health benefit exchange C 44 L 18 03/13/2018 Cody SB 6376(S Health & Long)
SHB 2963 Docs Consumer directed empl. prg. H Rules C 02/19/2018 Cody

Total Count: 34

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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