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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Rivers (2015-16)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SSB 5052 Docs af# Cannabis patient protection C 70 L 15 PV 04/24/2015 Rivers
E2SSB 6195 Docs f Basic education obligations C 3 L 16 02/29/2016 Rivers HB 2366(H subst for)
ESB 6207 Docs f Marijuana info. disclosure S Rules 3 03/10/2016 Rivers
ESSB 5441 Docs a Patient meds coordination C 213 L 15 05/08/2015 Rivers HB 1566(H HC/Wellness)
ESSB 5656 Docs f#o Distracted driving incidents S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers
ESSB 5785 Docs a St. officers official duties Gov vetoed V 05/18/2015 Rivers
SB 5304 Docs f WA state patrol officers S Transportation 01/19/2015 Rivers
SB 5340 Docs f Qualified health plan claims S Health Care 01/20/2015 Rivers HB 1700(H HC/Wellness)
SB 5394 Docs Child abduction statutes S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers HB 1302(C 38 L 15)
SB 5401 Docs fo Marijuana consumption info S Rules X 03/23/2015 Rivers HB 1361(H Commerce & Gam)
SB 5474 Docs f Health insurer and provider S Health Care 01/22/2015 Rivers HB 1762(H subst for)
SB 5695 Docs Abuse-deterrent opioid drugs S Health Care 01/29/2015 Rivers
SB 5711 Docs f Spirits sales tax reduction S Commerce and L 01/29/2015 Rivers HB 1680(H Commerce & Gam)
SB 5783 Docs f# Peace officers/assisting DOC S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers
SB 5784 Docs f Estate tax interest waivers S Ways & Means 02/02/2015 Rivers
SB 5797 Docs Railroad employees/vehicles S Transportation 02/03/2015 Rivers HB 1808(H subst for)
SB 5805 Docs f Conflict resolution/schools C 126 L 15 04/25/2015 Rivers HB 1840(H Education)
SB 5821 Docs Pharmacy provisions S Health Care 02/04/2015 Rivers
SB 5822 Docs Pharmacy provisions S Health Care 02/04/2015 Rivers
SB 5844 Docs f Fishing opportunities, users S Natural Resour 02/05/2015 Rivers HB 1660(H Ag & Nat Res)
SB 5848 Docs f Marijuana agreemnts w/tribes S Ways & Means 02/20/2015 Rivers HB 2000(C 207 L 15)
SB 5850 Docs f Student restraint, isolation S EL/K-12 02/05/2015 Rivers
SB 5853 Docs County treasurers S GovtOp&Sec 02/05/2015 Rivers
SB 5941 Docs f Adjuncts/substitute teachers S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers
SB 5945 Docs Incapacitated and vulnerable S Law & Justice 02/12/2015 Rivers
SB 5946 Docs Students with disabilities S EL/K-12 02/12/2015 Rivers
SB 6035 Docs Public works assistance acct S Ways & Means 02/19/2015 Rivers
SB 6041 Docs f B&O tax exem for utilities S Ways & Means 02/19/2015 Rivers HB 2152(H Finance)
SB 6078 Docs f Manufacturing partnerships S Ways & Means 01/21/2016 Rivers
SB 6136 Docs Marijuana market reforms S Ways & Means 06/19/2015 Rivers
SB 6156 Docs fd Medicaid false claims act C 147 L 16 03/31/2016 Rivers
SB 6164 Docs Youthful offenders/vacating S Law & Justice 01/11/2016 Rivers
SB 6209 Docs Continuity of care/Rx insur. S Health Care 01/13/2016 Rivers HB 2319(H Rules X)
SB 6212 Docs f Homeowners' assoc. ombuds S Fin Inst/Ins 01/13/2016 Rivers HB 2423(H Judiciary)
SB 6275 Docs Dental office support S Health Care 01/13/2016 Rivers HB 2517(H HC/Wellness)
SB 6302 Docs fo Minors/marijuana retailers S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers HB 2522(H Rules 3C)
SB 6303 Docs fo Marijuana disposal S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers HB 2521(C 171 L 16)
SB 6304 Docs f#o Marijuana sales/cooperatives S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers HB 2520(C 170 L 16)
SB 6305 Docs f# Liquor enforcement officers S Commerce and L 01/14/2016 Rivers HB 2369(H Rules R)
SB 6324 Docs Spirits & wine pref. pricing S Commerce and L 01/15/2016 Rivers HB 2577(H Commerce & Gam)
SB 6353 Docs f School levy lid revs./delay S EL/K-12 01/18/2016 Rivers HB 2361(H Approps)
SB 6375 Docs f# Marijuana clubs S Commerce and L 01/18/2016 Rivers
SB 6399 Docs f Massage transfer programs S Health Care 01/19/2016 Rivers HB 2781(C 53 L 16)
SB 6447 Docs f#o 3rd party admins. & managers S Health Care 01/20/2016 Rivers HB 2445(H HC/Wellness)
SB 6459 Docs af# Peace officers/assisting DOC C 234 L 16 04/01/2016 Rivers
SB 6468 Docs f Auto mall directional signs S Transportation 01/21/2016 Rivers HB 2555(H Trans)
SB 6484 Docs f# Victims of sex crimes S Law & Justice 01/21/2016 Rivers HB 2530(H subst for)
SB 6486 Docs Marijuana offense penalties S Law & Justice 01/22/2016 Rivers HB 2494(H Rules 3C)
SB 6598 Docs f Working connect. child care S Ways & Means 02/05/2016 Rivers
SB 6612 Docs Sex-selection abortions S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers
SB 6618 Docs f# Voter fraud protection S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers
SJM 8016 Docs Constitutional convention S GovtOp&Sec 01/11/2016 Rivers HJM 4013(H State Governme)
SJM 8020 Docs Preclearance officer juris. S Trade & Econom 01/25/2016 Rivers
SR 8668 Docs Organ, eye, tissue donors S Adopted 04/16/2015 Rivers
SR 8718 Docs National Donate Life Month S Adopted 03/03/2016 Rivers
SR 8740 Docs John McKibbin S Adopted 03/29/2016 Rivers
SSB 5002 Docs Marijuana/traffic infrctions S Rules X 02/02/2016 Rivers
SSB 5025 Docs f# Quick title service fees S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers HB 1157(H subst for)
SSB 5398 Docs o Marijuana products in public S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers HB 1360(H Commerce & Gam)
SSB 5417 Docs Local govt marijuana policy S Ways & Means 02/20/2015 Rivers
SSB 5455 Docs Basic firefighter training S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers HB 1382(H subst for)
SSB 5823 Docs Guardians ad litem S Rules X 02/25/2016 Rivers
SSB 6177 Docs Marijuana research licenses C 9 L 16 E1 03/29/2016 Rivers
SSB 6238 Docs af Schedule II prescriptions C 150 L 16 03/31/2016 Rivers HB 2431(H HC/Wellness)
SSB 6341 Docs f Cannabis producer services C 17 L 16 E1 03/29/2016 Rivers
SSB 6467 Docs f Pharmacists/contraception S Ways & Means 02/05/2016 Rivers

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