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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Bergquist (2015-16)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
EHB 1770 Docs fo Teacher certification H Rules 3C 03/10/2016 Bergquist SB 5496(S Rules X)
HB 1055 Docs fd Conforming amendments/govt H Gen Govt & Inf 01/11/2016 Bergquist SB 5024(C 225 L 15)
HB 1293 Docs f Paraeducators H Education 01/16/2015 Bergquist SB 5179(S subst for)
HB 1294 Docs f# Youth voter registration H Rules 3C 03/10/2016 Bergquist
HB 1342 Docs f Cider, microbrewery sale of C 42 L 15 04/21/2015 Bergquist
HB 1403 Docs f Telemedicine H HC/Wellness 01/11/2016 Bergquist SB 5175(S subst for)
HB 1431 Docs Real estate appraisals C 150 L 15 05/01/2015 Bergquist SB 5395(S Rules X)
HB 1602 Docs f# Occupational diseases/EMTs H Rules C 03/13/2015 Bergquist
HB 1866 Docs Voter reg. info/res. tenants H State Governme 01/11/2016 Bergquist SB 5259(S Fin Inst/Ins)
HB 2075 Docs Certification of elections H State Governme 02/11/2015 Bergquist
HB 2256 Docs Undisclosed campaign contrib H State Governme 05/08/2015 Bergquist
HB 2262 Docs f Tennis special licnse plates C 16 L 16 03/25/2016 Bergquist
HB 2289 Docs I-405 express toll lanes H Trans 07/01/2015 Bergquist
HB 2469 Docs f# Filing fee petitions/digital H State Governme 01/13/2016 Bergquist
HB 2582 Docs f GET program H Hi Ed 01/15/2016 Bergquist
HB 2660 Docs Transportation/waterways H Trans 01/18/2016 Bergquist SB 6363(S subst for)
HB 2707 Docs f#d Voter preregistration H State Governme 01/19/2016 Bergquist SB 6340(S GovtOp&Sec)
HB 2771 Docs Hospital district contracts C 51 L 16 03/29/2016 Bergquist SB 6214(S Rules X)
SHB 1154 Docs f Affordable college grant pr. H Approps 02/20/2015 Bergquist
SHB 1780 Docs f Interpreter services H Approps 02/20/2015 Bergquist
SHB 1867 Docs Classroom teacher evaluation H Rules 3C 03/10/2016 Bergquist

Total Count: 21

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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