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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Frockt (2013-14)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
ESSB 6265 Docs af Agencies/patient health info C 220 L 14 PV 04/04/2014 Frockt
ESSB 6436 Docs a College bound scholarship C 215 L 14 04/03/2014 Frockt
ESSB 6479 Docs af Caregivers and children C 104 L 14 03/27/2014 Frockt HB 2699(H subst for)
SB 5130 Docs f Eosinophilia disorders S Health Care 01/21/2013 Frockt HB 1216(H subst for)
SB 5390 Docs f Educ and tuition incentives S Higher Ed 01/29/2013 Frockt
SB 5433 Docs Dental professionals S Health Care 01/30/2013 Frockt HB 1516(H HC/Wellness)
SB 5469 Docs Biological product prescrips S Health Care 01/31/2013 Frockt HB 1528(H HC/Wellness)
SB 5642 Docs f School construction/funding S Ways & Means 02/06/2013 Frockt HB 1505(H Cap Budget)
SB 5678 Docs Traffic safety cameras S Transportation 02/08/2013 Frockt HB 1670(H Trans)
SB 5837 Docs Career and college ready S EL/K-12 02/21/2013 Frockt HB 1692(H Education)
SB 6073 Docs f Eosinophilic GI disorders S Health Care 01/15/2014 Frockt HB 2153(H subst for)
SB 6291 Docs Tenant screening S FI/Hous/Ins 01/20/2014 Frockt HB 2537(H subst for)
SB 6365 Docs Homeless children/education S Ways & Means 02/07/2014 Frockt HB 2763(H Approps Educat)
SR 8602 Docs Adopting senate rules S Not adopted 01/14/2013 Frockt
SR 8607 Docs Facils, operations committee S Not adopted 01/23/2013 Frockt
SR 8631 Docs Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt S Adopted 03/05/2013 Frockt
SR 8647 Docs Seattle Children's Hospital S Adopted 04/10/2013 Frockt
SSB 5146 Docs Informal science education S Ways & Means 02/18/2013 Frockt HB 1405(H Cap Budget)
SSB 5615 Docs af Health professional program C 298 L 13 05/20/2013 Frockt
SSB 6074 Docs f Homeless student ed outcomes C 212 L 14 04/03/2014 Frockt HB 2373(H subst for)

Total Count: 20

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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