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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by King (2013-14)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
ESB 5620 Docs School safety-related drills C 14 L 13 04/17/2013 King
ESSB 5024 Docs ae Trans budget 2011-13/2013-15 C 306 L 13 PV 05/20/2013 King HB 1864(H subst for)
ESSB 5684 Docs f# Prevailing rate of wage S Rules X 03/03/2014 King
ESSB 5857 Docs f# Vehicle-related fees S Rules 3 04/28/2013 King
ESSB 5886 Docs f DOT surplus property S Rules 3 03/13/2014 King
ESSB 6242 Docs a 180-day school year waivers C 171 L 14 03/31/2014 King
ESSB 6440 Docs af# Natural gas/fuel taxes C 216 L 14 04/03/2014 King HB 2753(H Finance)
SB 5141 Docs f# Motorcycles @ traffic signal C 167 L 14 03/31/2014 King HB 1238(H Rules C)
SB 5304 Docs f Digital outdoor ad signs S Transportation 01/25/2013 King HB 1408(H Trans)
SB 5427 Docs Vehicle registration certifs S Transportation 01/30/2013 King HB 1521(H Trans)
SB 5521 Docs f Tanning devices/UV radiation S Commerce and L 02/01/2013 King
SB 5574 Docs f# Safety belts/failing to wear S Law & Justice 02/04/2013 King HB 1696(H Judiciary)
SB 5685 Docs f Prevailing wage rate S Rules X 03/03/2014 King
SB 5692 Docs a Standby & limited guardians C 304 L 13 05/20/2013 King
SB 5733 Docs f# Interest arbitration panels S Commerce and L 02/12/2013 King
SB 5847 Docs d Collision reports S Transportation 02/22/2013 King
SB 5858 Docs f Ferry vessel construction S Transportation 02/26/2013 King
SB 6065 Docs af Tanning devices/UV radiation C 87 L 14 03/27/2014 King
SB 6099 Docs f DOT activities/funding S Transportation 01/15/2014 King
SB 6100 Docs Transportation/mobility S Transportation 01/15/2014 King HB 2123(H Rules R)
SB 6148 Docs fo Snack bar licenses S Rules X 02/25/2014 King HB 2302(H Rules 3C)
SB 6156 Docs Transp. corridor projects S Transportation 01/16/2014 King
SB 6205 Docs f# Vehicle owner information S Transportation 01/17/2014 King HB 2482(H Rules 3C)
SB 6224 Docs Transp. project delivery S Transportation 01/17/2014 King
SB 6239 Docs f# Rural cnty sales & use taxes S Ag/Water/RurEc 01/17/2014 King HB 2596(H Ag & Nat Res)
SB 6241 Docs f Edu committees, legislative S EL/K-12 01/17/2014 King
SB 6456 Docs f# Initial vehicle registration S Rules X 03/03/2014 King HB 2741(C 197 L 14)
SB 6457 Docs f# Quick titles processing S Rules X 03/03/2014 King HB 2674(C 12 L 14)
SB 6577 Docs f# Transportation revenue S Transportation 03/03/2014 King
SB 6578 Docs Additive trans. funding S Transportation 03/03/2014 King
SB 6579 Docs f Transportation funding bonds S Transportation 03/03/2014 King
SR 8698 Docs J.A. Bricker S Adopted 03/03/2014 King
SSB 5467 Docs af Vehicle owner lists C 79 L 14 03/27/2014 King
SSB 5686 Docs f Prevailing wage S Rules X 03/03/2014 King
SSB 5761 Docs afd Outdoor advertising signs C 312 L 13 05/20/2013 King HB 1767(H Trans)
SSB 6102 Docs f Connecting Washington acct S Rules 2 03/13/2014 King
SSB 6131 Docs Special occasion licenses S Rules X 02/25/2014 King
SSB 6186 Docs f Public works contracting S Rules 2 02/06/2014 King
SSB 6280 Docs f# Farm vehicle DOT numbers S Rules 3 03/13/2014 King
SSB 6370 Docs Highway worker spouse, child S Ways & Means 02/07/2014 King HB 2587(H Approps Educat)

Total Count: 40

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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