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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Ormsby (2009-10)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SHB 3181 Docs f# Clean water act funding H Rules C 04/12/2010 Ormsby SB 6851(S Rules 2)
EHB 1836 Docs af# Public works/off-site prefab H Rules X 01/11/2010 Ormsby
EHB 2805 Docs af Public works/off-site prefab C 276 L 10 04/01/2010 Ormsby
ESHB 1614 Docs f# Petroleum in storm water H Cap Budget 01/11/2010 Ormsby SB 5518(S Ways & Means)
HB 1613 Docs f Meat & poultry inspection H Ag & Nat Res 01/26/2009 Ormsby SB 5517(S Ag&RuralEc Dev)
HB 1760 Docs Sheriffs' offices H LG & Housing 01/11/2010 Ormsby SB 5322(C 112 L 09)
HB 1837 Docs f Public works subcontractors H SGTribalAff 01/30/2009 Ormsby SB 5969(S Rules X)
HB 1862 Docs Hosting jurisdictions H Judiciary 01/30/2009 Ormsby SB 5782(S GovtOp & Elect)
HB 2659 Docs Timber purchase reporting C 197 L 10 03/24/2010 Ormsby
HB 2792 Docs f# Local revitalization H ComEcDevTr 01/14/2010 Ormsby
HB 2843 Docs Annexation to fire prot dist H Rules R 02/03/2010 Ormsby SB 6418(C 136 L 10)
HJR 4222 Docs fd "Interest"/st. Const. H Rules C 02/17/2010 Ormsby SJR 8225(S Filed Sec/St)
HR 4675 Docs Honoring John Stockton H Adopted/Rule 02/09/2010 Ormsby
HR 4695 Docs Representative Alex Wood H Adopted 03/09/2010 Ormsby
SHB 1360 Docs Residential infrastructure H Ways & Means 02/11/2009 Ormsby
SHB 1766 Docs Lawful source of income H Rules C 03/09/2009 Ormsby
SHB 1786 Docs Independent contractor H Commerce/Lab 01/11/2010 Ormsby SB 5904(S subst for)
SHB 2744 Docs f# Phosphorus in lake water H Rules C 02/17/2010 Ormsby SB 6289(S subst for)
SHB 3027 Docs f# Convention and trade center H Rules R 03/01/2010 Ormsby SB 6684(S Ways & Means)
SHB 3147 Docs d Equipment in data centers H Rules C 04/02/2010 Ormsby SB 6789(S subst for)

Total Count: 20

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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